How do I get from London to Warwick University by train?

How much is a train from London to Warwick?

London to Warwick by train

Journey time From 1h 16m
Price From £6.40
Distance 82 miles (132 km)
Frequency 36 trains per day
First train 06:05

Does Warwick have a train station?

Warwick train station is open every day that services are running to and from the station. The station usually opens just before the first train of the day leaves and then closes after the last train departs. Ticket office opening hours may vary.

What line is Warwick station on?

Southern railway line

Standard gauge NSW Main Northern line to Sydney
NSW/Qld state border
358km Wallangarra show
318km Stanthorpe show
255km Warwick show

How do I get into Warwick University?

Coventry Station is the nearest railway station to the University of Warwick. There are train services from London Euston Station and Birmingham New Street Station. From Euston, the journey takes about one hour; from New Street, about 20 minutes.

Is Warwick close to London?

The distance between London and Warwick is 82 miles. The road distance is 92.7 miles.

Are there taxis at Warwick station?

There are usually taxis waiting at the station.

What is Warwick University famous for?

Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation, and for links with business and industry. We’re a world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards.

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