How big is LA compared to Ireland?

Is Dublin bigger than Los Angeles?

The Irish capital city of Dublin has an area covering 115 square kilometres. Compare that in size to the largest city in California, Los Angeles, which has an area that covers 1,302 square kilometres. Crunching the numbers again, this means that Los Angeles in California is 11 times bigger than Dublin.

What US state is closest in size to Ireland?

In comparison, the island of Ireland is about the size of the State of Indiana (U.S.). Indiana is 35,910 square miles in area. The population of the island of Ireland is about 5.5 million (Republic of Ireland – 3.84 million, Northern Ireland – 1.7 million).

How many Irelands can you fit in California?

California is about 6 times bigger than Ireland.

Ireland is approximately 70,273 sq km, while California is approximately 403,882 sq km, making California 475% larger than Ireland.

How many Irelands can fit in America?

To put it into context, Ireland would fit into the US 130 times over.

Can Ireland fit in California?

Ireland is about 6 times smaller than California.

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We have positioned the outline of California near the middle of Ireland.

Is LA more expensive than Dublin?

Dublin is 8.2% more expensive than Los Angeles.

Is New York bigger than Ireland?

New York is far larger in area, with 54,475 square miles as opposed to Ireland’s 32,599 square miles.

Is Louisiana bigger than Ireland?

Louisiana is about 1.6 times bigger than Ireland.

Ireland is approximately 70,273 sq km, while Louisiana is approximately 112,825 sq km, making Louisiana 61% larger than Ireland. Meanwhile, the population of Ireland is ~5.2 million people (643,197 fewer people live in Louisiana).

Why is the Irish population so small?

The Vanishing Irish: Ireland’s population from the Great Famine to the Great War. … By 1911 there were in Ireland about half as many people as in 1841. Less than half of the total depopulation can be attributed to the Famine itself. The rest reflects low birth-rates and high emigration rates.

How small is Ireland?


Éire (Irish) Airlann (Ulster Scots)
Area 84,421 km2 (32,595 sq mi)
Area rank 20th
Coastline 7,524 km (4675.2 mi)
Highest elevation 1,041 m (3415 ft)

Where in the US is most like Ireland?

The Top 10 Most Irish Places in America

  • BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. (skeeze / Flickr) …