Frequent question: Who is the famous English writer in India?

Who is the best English writer in India?

Top 10 Novelists of India is my favorite list of Indian novelists.

  • Arundhati Roy. Arundhati Roy came to limelight by the publication of her first novel, “The God of Small Things”. …
  • Kiran Desai. …
  • R. K.Narayan. …
  • Aravind Adiga. …
  • Anita Desai. …
  • Vikram Seth. …
  • Raja Rao. …
  • Babani Bhattacharya.

Who is the famous writer of India?

Many writers contributed to the large body of early Indian literature (here roughly taken to predate the 13th century Delhi Sultanate), consisting of poetry, drama, and writings on religion, philosophy, linguistics, mathematics and many other topics.


Writer Works
Jayadeva Gita Govinda
Kalhana Rajatarangini

Who is best writer in India?

Meet Top 10 best authors in India 2021

  • #01 – Shashi Tharoor.
  • #02 – Aravind Adiga.
  • #03 – Kiran Desai.
  • #04 – Devdutt Pattanaik.
  • #05 – Amish Tripathi.
  • #06 – Chetan Bhagat.
  • #07 – Amrita Pritam.
  • #08 – Rabindranath Tagore.

Who is the famous novel writer?


Author Min. estimated sales Number of books
William Shakespeare 2 billion 42
Agatha Christie 2 billion 85
Barbara Cartland 500 million 723
Danielle Steel 500 million 179

Who was India’s first English novelist?

Rajmohan’s Wife, published in 1864 by Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay (1838–94), is generally regarded as the first Indian novel in English, significant not only because its author was the greatest Bengali novelist of the nineteenth century but also because it speaks to an emergent genre in the literature of colonial …

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Who is the first Indian English writer?

Review: The First Indian Author in English, Dean Mahomed (1759–1851) in India, Ireland and England.

Who is the father of Indian English literature?

Mulk Raj Anand: founding father of Indian English novel.