Frequent question: Where are the British consulates in the US?

How many British consulates are there?

There are about 123 Foreign Embassies and 154 Consulates placed in the territory of United Kingdom. United Kingdom itself in total counts near 84 Embassies and 49 Consulates spread all over the world.

Is there a British Embassy in Minnesota?

The UK Government Office in Minneapolis/St. Paul works to promote business, economic and political ties with the State of Minnesota. Consular issues, such as emergency travel documents and support for British nationals, are managed by the British Consulate-General in Chicago.

What are British consulates?

What the British consul does. The main work of a British consul is to protect the interests of UK nationals. Consular staff can offer practical advice, help and support. … Support for British nationals abroad.

How do I contact the British Embassy in the US?

The embassy of the United Kingdom in Washington, D.C. is located at 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW and can be contacted by telephone on 202 588 6500.

What is the difference between British Embassy and Consulate?

A consulate is where consular services are performed. Embassies will normally have a consular section. While there will only one British embassy in the country you visit, there may be a number of consulates. These would usually be in cities with the most tourists.

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How can I get UK visa from USA?

To apply for a UK visa in the USA you need to:

  1. apply online.
  2. pay your fee.
  3. book and attend your biometric appointment.
  4. Attend an Application Support Centre ( ASC )
  5. post your application.

How do I renew my British passport from the USA?

How Do I Renew My British Passport In The US?

  1. Step 1) Have a digital photo taken. …
  2. Step 2) Apply online and pay the passport renewal application fee. …
  3. Step 3) Send your old passport back to the UK passport service.

Are UK embassies open in USA?

The British Embassy Washington maintains and develops relations between the UK and the United States. Our staff are currently working remotely. When calling, you may therefore hear a message stating that our offices are closed. However, we are available 24/7.

How many embassies are there?

There are about 168 Foreign Embassies and 732 Consulates placed in the territory of United States. United States itself in total counts near 163 Embassies and 93 Consulates spread all over the world.