Frequent question: How many test matches Pakistan have won in England?

Who won more matches between England and Pakistan?

In ODI matches, England have played against 18 teams; they have played against Australia most frequently, with a winning percentage of 42.95 in 152 matches. Against the major ODI nations, England have defeated Pakistan on 56 occasions with a winning percentage of 63.63, which is their best record in ODIs.

Which team won most Test matches in England?

England has produced 616 Test players so far.

  • England’s 110 Tests wins have come against Australia followed by 64 Test wins against West Indies. …
  • India have won the most Tests, 28, against Australia closely followed by 26 Tests wins against England.

Has Pakistan won a Test series in India?

Pakistan have hosted seven series with 26 matches played at home. Each side has four series wins, although Pakistan has won more Test matches than India in matches between the two nations.

List of Test series.

Season 1978–79
Date first Test started 16 October 1978
India won
Pakistan won 2
Drawn 1

How many t20 Pakistan has won?

Team wins, losses, draws and ties

As of November 2021, Pakistan has played 183 T20I matches resulting in 111 victories, 64 defeats, 3 ties and 5 no results for an overall winning percentage of 63.20.

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How many test matches Pakistan won in Australia?

1st Test at Brisbane Cricket Ground – Nov 21-24, 2019; Australia won by an innings and 5 runs (Pak 240 and 335; Aus 580).

Overall Test Records (Since 1956)

S# 16.
Year 1998/99
Venue Pakistan
Total 3
Australia 1

Has Pakistan won a Test in Australia?

As of January 2021, Pakistan is the fourth-most successful team in Test cricket with an overall winning percentage of 32.02, behind Australia (47.24), South Africa (37.78) and England (36.5).

Team wins, losses, and draws.

Opponent Australia
First Test 11 October 1956
Matches 64
Won 15
Lost 31

Has Pakistan ever won a war against India?

Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in its entirety but have not exercised control over the entire region, which remains divided and contested between the two states by the Line of Control.

List of wars involving Pakistan.

Conflict Siachen conflict (1984)
Pakistan and allies Pakistan
Opponents India
Results Defeat India annexed the Siachen Glacier.