Frequent question: How many Odeon cinemas are there in the UK?

How many cinemas are there in the UK?

Number of cinemas in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2004 to 2020

Characteristic Cinema sites
2020 843
2019 840
2018 811
2017 801

How many branches does Odeon have?

Odeon Cinemas Group is Europe’s largest cinema operator. Through subsidiaries it has over 360 cinemas, with 2900 screens in 14 countries in Europe, 120 cinemas with 960 screens are in the UK. It receives more than 2.2 million guests per week.

What makes Odeon different to other cinemas?

We pride ourselves in delivering the very best cinema experience, cutting-edge technology and the widest choice of experiences. While we’re known for showing blockbuster films, we also host screenings of the world’s best live events.

Who owns Odeon group?

How much do you get paid at Odeon?

Odeon Cinemas Salary FAQs

The average Odeon Cinemas salary ranges from approximately £19,506 per year for a Guest Experience Supervisor/Cinema Manager to £60,980 per year for a General Manager. The average Odeon Cinemas hourly pay ranges from approximately £9 per hour for a Team Member to £705 per hour for a Barista.

How many Cineworlds are there?

Leading and global Cinema Group operating in 10 countries with 787 sites and 9,500 screens.

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