Does the British Museum steal?

Why does the British Museum not return artifacts?

The British Museum Act, a law from 1963, prevents the museum in London from doing the same. The law does set out limited exceptions (such as if the object is a duplicate), but returning the loot of empire is not one of them. Still, there is precedent for governments relaxing such restrictions.

Why did the British steal artifacts?

In retribution, Britain sent soldiers to take artifacts from the kingdom, in an attempt to weaken its reign. Then as now, the objects they took were highly valuable—they took with them a carved ivory mask depicting the oba, a series of brass plaques known as the Benin Bronzes, and a group of giant tusks.

Is camera allowed in British Museum?

Photography, filming and sketching

Hand-held flash photography and video recording is allowed in most galleries for private purposes only. Signs will indicate where photography is restricted. Tripods, monopods and selfie sticks may not be used inside the Museum building.

Can you take water into British Museum?

Visitors are allowed to bring their own food and drinks into the Museum provided they don’t eat or drink inside the galleries.

What did the British steal from Nigeria?

In 1897, British forces raided the ancient Kingdom of Benin, present-day Nigeria, and plundered thousands of artifacts known as Benin Bronzes. Those artifacts have since filled museums and private collections all over the world, with a large portion of them in Europe.

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