Do Brits say sofa?

How do British people say sofa?

What do you call this? Probably, if you’re an English learner, you’d say sofa as that’s what many textbooks teach, and it’s also a similar word in other languages. But, if you come to Britain you might hear settee or couch too (and in America possibly love seat, davenport or chesterfield!).

Do Scottish people say sofa or couch?

I would say settee is used more often than sofa in Scotland, but while living in England I more often came across sofa, so there may be some element of regionality about it. Couch is another word often used to mean the same thing.

Is it sofa or couch in the UK?

In the UK, sofa is by far the most popular term, settee is something of an outdated term for the same thing, and couch is rarely used, except perhaps as one of the many questionable ‘Americanisms’ that have entered our vocabulary, and technically, the ‘couch’ as a kind of reclining seat used by psychiatrists to lay …

What is a settee in the UK?

/setˈiː/ UK. a long, soft seat for two or more people, with a back and usually with arms. Synonym. sofa.

Is settee a posh word?

In short, though, brand names like iPhone or Deliveroo are Non-U (posh folks lean towards the more boring ‘phone’ or ‘takeaway’). Similarly, abbreviations like ‘avo’, ‘toastie’ and ‘uni’ fall into that category.

If you use these 27 words it proves you’re definitely not posh.

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U Non-U
Sitting Room/Drawing Room Lounge
Sofa Settee/Couch
Takeaway Deliveroo
Taxi Uber

Do Southerners say couch or sofa?

Do Southerners Say Couch or Sofa? Southerners in the US call the furniture a sofa, still. The general definition of a sofa is any large piece of furniture used for lying down and lounging.