Did the British sink any Japanese ships?

How many Japanese ships did the British sink?

The objective of Force Z, which consisted of one battleship, one battlecruiser and four destroyers, was to intercept the Japanese invasion fleet in the South China Sea north of Malaya. The task force sailed without air support.

Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse.

Date 10 December 1941
Result Japanese victory

Did the Royal Navy train the Japanese navy?

Allied with Japan during World War I, the British had provided training and built warships for the Imperial Japanese Navy during friendlier times, and in many respects Japan based its fleet on the British model.

How many ships were sunk at Pearl Harbour by the Japanese?

The attack killed 2,403 service members and wounded 1,178 more, and sank or destroyed six U.S. ships,. They also destroyed 169 U.S. Navy and Army Air Corps planes. The Japanese losses included 29 aircraft, in addition to five midget submarines, and 129 attackers were killed and one taken prisoner.

How many survived the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales?

At least 90 officers out of 110 and 1,195 ratings out of 1,502 were rescued from the Prince of Wales by the HMS Express. The tally was a total of 228 survivors and 830 men lost in the combined sinking of the “Unsinkable” and her companion, the Repulse.

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Did the Bismarck sink any ships?

On May 24, 1941, Germany’s largest battleship, the Bismarck, sinks the pride of the British fleet, HMS Hood.

What does IJN stand for?


Acronym Definition
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy (until 1945)
IJN Institut Jantung Negara (Indonesian: National Heart Institute; Malaysia)
IJN In Jesus Name
IJN International Journal of Nanoscience