Can English businesses refuse Scottish notes?

Is it against the law to refuse Scottish money in England?

Though Scottish currency can be accepted; it is legal for creditors to decline Scottish banknotes if they are offered in return of debt. While Bank of England banknotes have been in circulation in Scotland since their creation, Scottish banknotes still exist as a legal currency.

Can you deposit Scottish notes in England?

Banknotes issued by all seven are legal currency and can be accepted throughout the UK.

Can shops legally refuse cash?

Also, despite some confusion regarding ‘legal tender’, retailers are not legally obliged to accept cash payments and such decisions are at the business’ direction, as long as they are not discriminating against the customer.

Can you still use Scottish paper 20 notes?

The deadline for using your old paper £20 notes is September 30, 2022. You’ll need to spend them by then, or deposit them in a bank account. … Withdrawal dates for the £20 and £50 were both announced on 23 June, 2021 – the same day the new £50 Alan Turing note was released.

Can a business refuse cash UK?

If you’ve been having trouble paying at your favourite stores, you’re not alone. UK businesses can refuse to accept cash if they offer alternative payment methods. Martin Lewis explained that companies throughout the United Kingdom could decide whether they want to allow cash or not.

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Can shops refuse 50 pound notes?

The quick answer is yes, they can refuse to accept the notes. And not that are not legal tender, but the definition of the term can be interpreted differently. … ‘It means that if you are in debt to someone then you can’t be sued for non-payment if you offer full payment of your debts in legal tender.”

Are Scottish notes legal tender in England?

Scottish banknotes are unusual, first because they are issued by retail banks, not government central banks, and second, because they are technically not legal tender anywhere in the United Kingdom – not even in Scotland, where in law no banknotes – even those issued by the Bank of England – are defined as legal tender …

Can retailers refuse cash UK?

According to the Money Saving Expert, shops are legally allowed to refuse cash payment for items as long as they are not discriminating against the customer. The issue was mentioned on the ITV’s ‘The Martin Lewis Money Show’, where the discussion of legal tender was brought up.

Can shops refuse old 20 notes?

The Bank of England has announced that the old notes will go out of circulation on 30 September 2022. This mean you will not be able to use the notes in shops, but you will be able to exchange them for new notes. Some banks and the Post Office may also accept them if you wish to deposit them into your bank account.