Best answer: Why is British pudding called pudding?

What does pudding mean in British?

A British pudding is a dish, savory or sweet, that’s cooked by being boiled or steamed in something: a dish, a piece of cloth, or even animal intestine. … The best example is sticky toffee pudding, a date cake with caramel sauce that’s traditionally steamed but is now often baked.

Is dessert called pudding in England?

That word, while it can mean either sweet or savory in Britain, is used in the U.K. the way “dessert” is in America. … There are so many types and recipes that a determined baker could easily serve a new pudding every day for weeks on end.

What do posh people call pudding?

sweet, afters, dessert

(Side note: Some very posh people shorten the word to “pud.”)

What do the British call biscuits?

Scone (UK) / Biscuit (US)

These are the crumbly cakes that British people call scones, which you eat with butter, jam, sometimes clotted cream and always a cup of tea.

What is the etymology of pudding?

The origin of English pudding dates back to 1305, where the Middle English word “poding” connoted a “meat-filled animal stomach.” Thankfully the word evolved to pudding and took on an entirely different meaning. In the U.S. and Canada, pudding is a milk-based dessert similar to a custard.

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Why do posh people not say pardon?

Pardon? The non-upper classes stole a lot of words from the French language to try and sound like they had a higher social standing. “Pardon” is a classic example of trying to sound upper class when you’re really not. Keep it simple and just say “what?” “I beg your pardon”, however, is fine.

What does napkin mean in British?

“Who says they speak the same language in Britain? In England, the word ‘napkin’ is typically used to describe a feminine hygiene product (sanitary napkin). Although most people are aware of the double usage of the word, in London, the word ‘serviette’ is preferred in a restaurant or eating establishment.

Is it correct to say pudding or dessert?

A pudding usually is a dish of more homely or rustic. A dessert is lighter and more sophisticated, such as chocolate mousse. However, the word Dessert is rarely used by the British upper class. Some fine restaurants and private clubs would use Pudding to refer to the sweet course.