Best answer: Who captained the British Lions the most?

How many times has Alun Wyn Jones captained the Lions?

He is the world’s most-capped rugby union player, with 161 international appearances – 149 for Wales and 12 for the British & Irish Lions. Jones also holds the records for the most Wales caps and the most Wales caps as captain.

Alun Wyn Jones.

University Swansea University
Rugby union career

Who was captain of the Lions?

Who captained Lions in New Zealand?

Centre John Dawes is the only man to have led The British & Irish Lions on a victorious Tour to New Zealand, guiding the tourists to a 2-1 triumph in 1971 after drawing the final Test 14-14 in Auckland.

Who has the most British and Irish Lions caps?

British & Irish Lions

Captain(s) Alun Wyn Jones (2021)
Most caps Willie John McBride (17)
Top scorer Gavin Hastings (69)
Most tries Tony O’Reilly (6)
First match

When did British Lions become British and Irish Lions?

…the British Lions (now the British and Irish Lions) between 1951 and 1958. In 1952 he led Wales to the Five Nations (now the Six Nations) Championship in his first full season with the national team. He also played a pivotal role in the famous Welsh victory over New Zealand…

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Who is the British and Irish Lions captain?

Who has scored the most points for the British Lions?

In terms of top Lions’ points scorers of all time, your top 5 are:

  • Andy Irvine: 281 points.
  • Phil Bennet: 236 points.
  • Bob Hiller: 214 points.
  • Gavin Hastings: 192 points.
  • Barry John: 188 points.

Do British and Irish Lions get paid?

Each player who remains in the squad for the full tour will receive a fee of £750,000. On top of that, should the Lions win the test series, they will also receive a bonus of £10,000. The total fee for the expected 37-man squad amounts to £2.59 million.