Best answer: What is the most westerly city in England?

Where is the most westerly place in England?

Ardnamurchan Point lies at the tip of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and is the most westerly land on the British mainland.

What is the most westerly county in England?

The answer is: Cornwall.

Which county in England has the longest coastline?

Cornwall is the county with the longest coastline (1,086km) followed by Essex (905km) and Devon (819km).

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  • The UK has its fair share of roads Credit: Getty. …
  • Low tide in London draws the coast closer Credit: Getty. …
  • Devon would triumph in a nationwide phonebox competition Credit: Getty.

Is Edinburgh more west than Cardiff?

Which is furthest west Edinburgh or Cardiff? Going by the latitude of the Earth, Edinburgh is approx. … Going by the Eastings on the British national grid (which maps of GB will be drawn to) Cardiff is 7 km further West.

What is the most easterly county in England?

3. Easternmost Point in the UK. The easternmost point of the UK is Lowestoft Ness, Suffolk. It is also the most easterly point of England.

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