Best answer: What is the largest secondary school in England?

What’s the biggest school in the UK?

Gascoigne Primary – Britain’s Biggest Primary School – Trailer. 160 staff. 1,100 pupils. 60 languages.

What is the largest secondary school in London?

London’s top 50 secondary schools

School % A*-A
1 St Paul’s Girls’ School 99.5%
2 Westminster School 98.6%
3 North London Collegiate School
4 St Paul’s School 96.7%

What is the smallest secondary school in the UK?

Samuel King’s School is a mixed secondary school located in Alston in the English county of Cumbria. As of 2017 it had 73 students on roll.

What is the smallest school in the UK?

A primary school said to be the smallest in England is closing after it was left with just two pupils. Bleasdale Church of England Primary in the Forest of Bowland near Preston is shutting its doors after 180 years on Tuesday.

What is the best secondary school in UK?

Top 40 independent schools in London by A Level for the year 2020

Rank School %A*-A
1 St Paul’s Girls’ School 92.4
2 North London Collegiate School 92
3 St Paul’s School 89
4 Hampton School 87.3

What is the oldest secondary school in London?

Paul’s Cathedral School – 1123. The oldest school on this list, St. Paul’s Cathedral School is a co-educational institution that was established in the 12th Century to provide an education to the Cathedral’s choristers.

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What is the biggest school in Birmingham?

Largest Public High Schools in the Birmingham Area

  • Hoover High School. Hoover City Schools, AL. …
  • Thompson High School. Alabaster City Schools, AL. …
  • Vestavia Hills High School. Vestavia Hills City Schools, AL. …
  • Spain Park High School. …
  • Hewitt-Trussville High School. …
  • Oak Mt. …
  • Helena High School. …
  • Chelsea High School.

What age is high school UK?

UK state schools accommodate pupils between the ages of 11-16 or 11–18. Secondary schools follow on from primary schools and prepare for vocational or tertiary education. Attendance is usually compulsory for students until age 16.

How many pupils does the UK have?

There are 8.9 million pupils attending 24,400 schools in England in 2020/21. This includes state-funded and independent schools. 20.8% are known to be eligible for free school meals, representing 1.74 million pupils.