Best answer: What is the best way to get from Gatwick to London?

How do I get from Gatwick Airport to central London?

Taking the Gatwick Express train is by far the quickest way to reach the city centre from Gatwick airport. Train tickets cost €22.50 (£19.90) one-way and the journey into London will take only 30 minutes. A cheaper, but much slower alternative is the easyBus or National Express bus.

Is it better to fly into Gatwick or Heathrow?

Heathrow is strong in the sheer number of airlines serving the airport. However, if you’re travelling to the UK with your final destination as London, Gatwick is an excellent choice. Those connecting will have more options out of Heathrow.

Is it cheaper to use Oyster card to Gatwick?

To get a the cheapest ticket to Gatwick, look into buying a return train ticket if you’re travelling during peak times, otherwise swiping your Oyster card or bank card is usually the cheapest fare.

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Is Gatwick Express more expensive?

However, Gatwick Express is the most expensive option, particularly during off-peak times, even with the group save discount. … The Gatwick Express is only slightly faster than the Southern trains, which share the same tracks. You usually will just save no more than 10-15 minutes.

How much is a taxi from Gatwick to London?

Estimated taxi fares: Gatwick to Central London

Vehicle Single Trip Return Trip
Saloon Car (up to 4 passengers) £60-£90 £120
Estate Car (up to 4 passengers) £70/80 £140
Executive Car (up to 4 passengers) £105 £150
People Carrier (up to 6 passengers) £85/£95 £160

Is it cheaper to buy Gatwick Express tickets online?

Purchasing Gatwick Express tickets online is always cheaper – you can either print out the ticket sent to you by email, have it sent to your mobile or pick the ticket from a machine at the station.

Is Gatwick cheaper than Heathrow?

While Gatwick is nearly twice as far from the center of London as Heathrow is, it won’t take you that much longer to get there, especially if you opt for public transit.

Distance to downtown & transportation options.

Getting downtown Heathrow (LHR) Gatwick (LGW)
Average Uber cost £50 (~$65) £65 (~$83)

Is Gatwick airport easy to get to?

Gatwick Airport is easily accessible from nearby London and the south-east, by both private and public transport. Explore the options below to find out which method of getting to Gatwick is best for you.

What day of the week is cheapest to fly to London?

For U.S. domestic flights, the cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. For flights to Europe, weekdays tend to be cheaper than weekends.

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Is Gatwick train station contactless?

Contactless payment cards can be used to travel between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria on Gatwick Express services. Contactless is also valid on most National Rail services in London as well as bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and TfL Rail. Fares and daily caps are the same as with Oyster PAYG.

How much is the train to Gatwick?

Using Oyster & Visitor Oyster Cards to/from Gatwick – the key facts

London – Gatwick Airport comparison of fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare*
Gatwick Express Train (Ticket on day) £19.90 £38.90
Gatwick Express Train (Advance online) £17.80 £34.70
Gatwick Express Train (Oyster) £19.80 £39.60

Can I use my 60 plus Oyster card to Gatwick?

Gatwick Airport is not be included in the advertised London Travelcard zones; instead it offers customers an alternative way to pay for their travel using PAYG. … Children’s ZIP Oyster cards, London Freedom Pass, 60+ London Oyster photocard and Veterans Oyster photocard holders can NOT travel free on the these routes.

What is there to do around Gatwick Airport?

Things to do near London Gatwick Airport

  • Tower of London. © Visit Britain / Andrew Pickett. …
  • Buckingham Palace. …
  • Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. …
  • Saatchi Gallery. …
  • London Eye. …
  • Theatreland. …
  • Imperial War Museum. …
  • Science Museum.

Is Gatwick Express 24 hours?

It’s just a two-minute ride and runs 24 hours a day.