Best answer: How rare are Goldcrests in the UK?

How common are goldcrests?

This makes the species the UK’s smallest bird. Goldcrests are named after the crest of bright feathers in the middle of their head. This is completely yellow on females, but has an orange centre on males. The rest of the plumage is mainly green-brown.

Where can I find a Firecrest?

Evergreen woodland is good place to see firecrests, but they range around in flocks of other small birds during autumn and winter. Then, they can sometimes appear in gardens, along hedgerows and in scrub.

What UK bird hovers like a hummingbird?

The Firecrest has grey ear coverts making the eye indistinct. Usually feeds at the ends of branches, fluttering almost hummingbird-like. The main problem in identifying the Goldcrest is to first see it, as it is usually scurrying around tree trunks and branches, rarely keeping still.

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