Are biscuits a British thing?

What do British call biscuits?

Scone (UK) / Biscuit (US)

These are the crumbly cakes that British people call scones, which you eat with butter, jam, sometimes clotted cream and always a cup of tea.

What are typical British biscuits?

7 Delicious British Biscuits You’ll Want to Dunk in a Cup of Tea

  • Jammie Dodgers. First sold more than 60 years ago, the Jammie Dodger is a British childhood favorite. …
  • Chocolate Digestives. …
  • Party Rings. …
  • Bourbon Biscuits. …
  • Jaffa Cakes. …
  • Malted Milk Biscuits & Sports Biscuits. …
  • Hobnob Biscuit.

What do Americans call different to British?

Here are 40 words that Americans say ‘wrong’ and their ‘proper’ British English equivalent:

  • Resume (CV)
  • Cell phone (mobile)
  • Call someone (ring someone)
  • Trash can (bin)
  • ATM (cash point)
  • High school (secondary school)
  • College (university)
  • TV (telly)

What is a scone in England?

Scones are a traditional type of pastry from the British Isles that is often served for tea time, most commonly together with clotted cream and jam. They are a basic component of the well-known Devon and Cornish Cream Tea from England but are also found in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

What do the British call potato chips?

Lay’s potato chips have all sorts of different names internationally. In England, they’re called “Walkers” (and “crisps” instead of “chips”); in Egypt, Chipsy; and in Australia, Smith’s.

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What do the British call boots?

*Watch out!* A boot can also describe a shoe and a trunk can also describe an elephant’s nose!

How much British English do you know?

British English (Br) American English (Am)
bill (restaurant) rubber boots / rain boots
boot (car) French fries
pocket money check