YAY! I’m UFO Free!

One of the great things about blogging is that once I’ve promised to do something on my blog, I find it much harder to hide from doing it. I’ve no doubt that if I kept quiet and didn’t mention it again, you guys would forget I ever made the promise, but still making that promise in open forum makes it so much more compelling. After all a promise is a promise. Continue reading “YAY! I’m UFO Free!”

Frogged and ready to go again

Our broadband signal was very intermittent Monday and non-existent most of yesterday. It’s weak right now – 6.30am Wednesday – so I suspect it will be gone again as demand increases when more of the south west is awake.  So firstly a quick apology if I’m slow to visit your blog or reply to comments at the moment. Secondly, since all you lovely readers were so patient listening to me whinging and whining advising and supporting me on what to do with the yellow blue-faced Leicester UFO, I’m writing a quick post to share the pattern I’ve chosen.


After all the inspired suggestions – thank you – I concluded that I really wanted to make myself something to wear. I couldn’t see myself wearing a yellow shawl – although as some of your have pointed out – Facetfully – I’m not as shawl adverse as I thought. Since the ravelry search seems to find it difficult to differentiate between sweaters and cardigans, I ended up looking at sweaters as well as cardigans. This led to me deciding on Natsumi by Yoko Hatta.


Having a pattern induced me to frog the UFO on Saturday night and one thing struck me as I unravelled it…


This yarn is blue-faced Leicester, but not as soft as I’d expect from the breed. In fact it feels quite stringy. Hopefully it will knit up to feel better, but I’m thinking the feel is part of what dampened my enthusiasm to knit it and another lesson in not allowing colour to override my other senses.

Hoping you approve of my choice.

Bekki Hill

Beating the UFOs once and for all

After I blogged last week, about how well my boot camp approach had worked in getting me to work on the UFOs I most dreaded, I looked at the rest of last year’s list. Unfortunately I discovered the boot camp approach didn’t clear the list.

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