Patchwork Progress

Finally – almost two years after I started it – I’ve finished the patchwork for the top layer of my quilt.

Last time I showed you it was looking like this…


The final border was made up of six inch squares. It took quite a while laying them out and ensuring the patterns were evenly spread and no two patterns that were the same touched…

20190213_123437 - Copy

I then numbered ever square, because every time I do chain piecing I manage to mix the order up.


Pleased to say I managed to keep them in order and they’ve all been attached now.


Next I need my lovely lovely friend to help me put the quilt sandwich together – far to big to do on my own – and I don’t mean this lovely lovely friend…


Until next time

Bekki x

Bekki 1: UFOs 9

At the beginning of each year I always vow to get on top of my UFOs. Last year I did pretty well. In fact I thought I’d banished them all quite early in the year and stayed that way until the Autumn when the UFO count began to grow again. However, when I took stock of my UFOs at the being of this year, I discovered that I’d forgotten to count my sewing UFOs last year. Still that was fine. My problem with UFOs is their nagging draining my energy. If I don’t know I’ve got them then I’m happy for them to stay unfinished.

This year when I counted my UFOs I found nine… Continue reading “Bekki 1: UFOs 9”

#Stitching Santa

A very quick post to share a few bits and bobs I’m sending my crafty secret Santa in the Stitching Santa swap. She’s a yarn lover who knits beautiful lace, so most of my £10 budget was spent on this locally produced yarn…


These pretty buttons were made by a local crafter…


Since my swap partner is an accomplished knitter, it felt a bit coals to Newcastle knitting for her, so I so unearthed my sewing machine and made…

A handbag project bag – just big enough for one ball of yarn and some needles.
A secret present – secret, because, if I show it, it may give away too much about who my swap partner is and spoil the surprise if she’s reads this.


A crown to wear at Christmas dinner. Why? Well, two reasons. But both, again, will give away too much about her if I tell you.

I’m sending a few other bits and bobs too, but these are the gifts I’ve most enjoyed finding and making. I hope my partner likes them.  Thanks again to Shelia for organising the swap.

Bekki Hill