(Not so) Secret Sweater Ta Da!

Regular readers are unlikely to have missed the shaggy dog story  the story of the secret sweater I was knitting for Lovely Husband’s birthday – which became the not so secret sweater, when I ran our of time and gave it to him, all but finished, in pieces.


Amazingly – where has the time gone? – that was back in April. But the time delay between almost finished and finished hasn’t been down to tardy knitting. It’s the fault of the British weather.

Really it is. I finished knitting the front pretty quickly. If I was to take my own advice, I’d have blocked it in pieces, but, as it was almost summer, the aga was switched off. And, as I live in Britain, our almost summer weather was cold, damp and foggy.


No chance of drying pieces of a thick Aran sweater in that weather – not pinned down to a blocking matt with no warmth in the aga.

So, impatient to finish, I put the sweater together. By the time I’d done that, it was even more almost summer and the weather was even more damp, colder and foggier.20160502_114920

I waited….

and  waited….

….and waited.

Finally the weather turned warm enough!


After a gentle blocking, all that was left to do, was to persuade Lovely Husband to model it.

LH’s favourite Usain Bolt pose


Usain Bolt in Reverse…


And, the obligatory hands on hips pose…


As some of you may have guessed, the sweater is knitted in The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s beautiful Aran Ryeland yarn. But, of course, now we have some summer weather, it’s far too warm for him to wear it.

Oh, hang on, that was last week. This week proper British summer weather is back.