Progress on my goals for 2018

Bet I’m not the only one saying ‘Wow! That month went quick!’ And since January’s come to an end, it’s time for me to review my progress on this year’s goals. Here’s how I’ve done…

Make a gift a least once a month on average

I made two gifts last month, one a two dog crochet hook/pencil case..

Dachshund Dog Crochet Hook Case - Pencil Case

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Reviewing my goals for 2016- what isn’t going so well

Tuesday’s post celebrated my successes towards achieving the creative goals I set at the beginning of 2016. Today I’m going to fess up to what’s not going in the intended direction, or at least not going as quickly as I’d like it to. Here goes: Continue reading “Reviewing my goals for 2016- what isn’t going so well”