How’s Your Mojo?

I know I’m not the only one who’s creative mojo went walk about at the start of lock down. I think for me it was mostly about four things:

  1. Getting my brain around the whole situation
  2. Loss of routine.
  3. Having someone else in the house near 24/7 – it’s great him being here, but I like silence and my own space to create in.
  4. The good weather calling me into the garden.


At the start I was quite happy to take my scattered thinking outside – I knew I need to get my head straighter and there were outside jobs that certainly needed doing. However after a couple of weeks or so of not touching my paint brushes, I was feeling all those fearful beginner thoughts again.  Time, I thought to make myself paint. Paint anything, however bad.

So I did…

I started with this, just to move my paint brush – they’re supposed to be tulips  – inspired by the  bunch of  tulips Lovely Eldest sent me for mother’s day.


Another exercise just to get my paint brush moving

A whole picture!

I wasn’t at all happy with the results – even though I’m very much a watercolour newbie.

I knew the way to get through this was just to keep going, to try and build a routine, but easier said than done with hubby on reduced hours and the days he works changing every week.

I stuttered on, trying to find inspiration, but even when I did I struggled to put my heart into it.

Even the bees I painted, because I was so excited when I found out my friend Ali is a contestant in the Great British Sewing Bee this year.

I soon found myself going days and days without painting again. So today I made a promise to myself. I would paint every day and blog each week about what I’ve painted. However good, however bad, however uninspired.  And that’s it really.

How’s your creative mojo doing?

Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Beating the UFOs once and for all

After I blogged last week, about how well my boot camp approach had worked in getting me to work on the UFOs I most dreaded, I looked at the rest of last year’s list. Unfortunately I discovered the boot camp approach didn’t clear the list.

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Procrastination Bootcamp Revisited

Back in May last year I fell in love with the idea of knitting a yellow cardigan. Given I have nothing yellow in my wardrobe, I was suspicious whether this was true love or just a  crush.

At the end of May I visited Proper Woolly and after a fair bit of uming and aghing , I bought 3 skeins of 4ply yellow blue-faced Leicester.

Yellow Yarn WooSheeps

I still wasn’t sure I’d done the right thing, and boy did that yarn know it. Despite sitting hidden out of sight in my stash, I could feel it somehow watching me, asking, ‘Was it really a good idea to buy me?’

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Beating Procrastination: The point of greatest resistance

The blinds are up! Yes, finally I’ve completed the project on my procrastination list that I was most reluctant to work on.

Finished Roman Blinds

However the blinds aren’t the only thing on my procrastination list that I’ve finished. I’ve also finished the knitted slippers from my pile of UFOs. As I victoriously crossed them off my list, I reflected on why they had taken so long…

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Creating Focus when Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Many creative people resist goal setting, because the mere idea of setting a deadline slams the door on their creative place. Others claim ‘it’s all in the mind’ – many highly creative people work to deadlines all the time. However, creativity itself is ‘all in the mind’ and for many people goal setting undoubtedly  makes them less creative.

The danger of not setting goals is that we drift, loose focus and procrastinate. So

How do you create focus if goal setting strangles your muse?

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Removing the Drivers that Lead to Procrastination

This post is the final part of an exercise to tackle procrastination. If you missed the start click here for the first part ,Tackling Procrastination: The Ghosts of Projects Past. Part two can be found here Procrastination Boot Camp

My last post left us considering how to remove, or at least reduce, the impact of the factors that were driving us to procrastinate over a project we were particularly reluctant to work on. The things that were driving me to procrastinate over altering the blinds for my lounge window were pretty much the top reasons any of us procrastinate, so here’s how I tackled them…

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Procrastination Boot Camp

This post is the second part of an exercise to tackle procrastination over completing unfinished objects and projects. If you missed the start. Click here Tackling Procrastination: The Ghosts of Projects Past.

When we tidy a room, we usually make more mess sorting it out before we eventually make it tidy. Tidying our lives is the same. When I left the question of what  projects I was procrastinating about to ferment, my list grew from five to seven.

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