Sunday Sevens 19th June

Just ducking in before Sunday ends to share my seven photos of last week, for another Sunday Sevens. Sunday Sevens is the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins  devised for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

  1. After a gloriously sunny week, the week before, the cold and rain returned at the beginning of this week…


2. With the second half of the No Nylon Sock KAL starting, I took out my newly finished BFL socks and a pair recently knitted with nylon, so I could give them both equal wear until the end of the wear trial.


3. Despite the continued bad weather, I dyed some wool.


4. Can you imagine my delight on Wednesday when Lovely Littlest, who’s shown no inclination to knit since I taught her when she was about 8,  sent me this photo…


5. Thursday afternoon it finally turned bright and sunny. However, I missed it because I had a appointment to have my highlights redone.


6. Back home the sunshine inspired us to have a BBQ – although the it was a wee bit on the chilly side.


7. The end of the week I spent mostly sorting out for my first craft stall- which I’ll tell you about in the week…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki Hill


Sherbet Lemon Socks – Ta Da!

Last week I showed you the heel of my Sherbet Lemon Socks that I was knitting for the No Nylon Sock KAL and, I’m pleased to say, this week I finally finished them despite a heap of other projects and distractions. And not only finished , but I actually wrote the pattern up today!

As regular readers may remember, I set a goal at the beginning of the year to post six patterns on Ravelry. So far, I’ve posted none. But now I’ve finally written something up, I just need to work out how to add patterns to Ravelry. So while I twist my brain around that that, I’ll leave you to look at the pics of the finished article…

No kitchener stitch sock20160612_14175120160612_141734

Square/Dutch heel
Round toe

Some of you may remember that when I knitted the first of this pair I didn’t like the round toe and you suggested incorporating it in the pattern, which I’ve done and I think works well with this tiny twisted stitch. Hope you agree.

Bekki Hill


Square or Dutch sock heel

I haven’t shared much of my knitting with you lately. And, I confess I don’t seem to have done so much due to various distractions commitments. I’ve still not even finished my BFL sock for the No Nylon Sock KAL. However, I have rounded (or rather squared in this case) both heels.

In say squared, because in my endeavours to explore sock construction further, I decided to use a square heel for this sock. Continue reading “Square or Dutch sock heel”

Don’t like Kitchener stitch? Here’s a sock toe without Knitchener stitch

Update 01/02/17 – This post is about knitting a toe that doesn’t use Kitchener Stitch. You can adapt it to the pattern you’re currently using by starting working on it when the foot of your sock is about 2″/5cm less than your desired foot length. If you’ve finished a toe that needs Kitchener stitch and don’t want to frog back 2″/5cm, I don’t have a post to tell you how to that – although you could just cast off and sew it up – but I do have a picture tutorial that might help you with Kitchener stitch here.

Original Post…

In my quest to explore different ways to knit socks, I decided to work a round toe on the socks that I’m knitting for the No Nylon Sock KAL. A round toe is simple to work and involves no Kitchener stitch.


Working a round toe:

Continue reading “Don’t like Kitchener stitch? Here’s a sock toe without Knitchener stitch”

Are tiny sock needles bad for your health?

I decided quite some time ago that those tiny (23cm) sock knitting needles were not for me. Everyone I knew who tried them, reported that they were too small for their hands and their hands/wrists hurt when they used them. Having HUGE hands, I concluded that however cute they looked, tiny sock needles wouldn’t work for me. Anyway, I was very happy magic looping, so if it ain’t broke why fix it?


Continue reading “Are tiny sock needles bad for your health?”

No nylon sock KAL

It’s funny how things unfold. A couple of weeks ago, when I reviewed my goals, I finally gave in to putting my impulse bought yellow BFL in the stash and ignoring it.  However, only a few minutes after I published the post where I fessed up to that plan, I looked at my twitter feed and spotted Jolie’s no nylon sock KAL.

Continue reading “No nylon sock KAL”