Sherbet Lemon (no Kitchener stitch) Socks – Free Pattern

I did it! I finally posted a pattern on Ravelry! If you saw Sunday’s post  you’ll have already seen the Sherbet Lemon Socks that I designed and knitted for the No Nylon Sock KAL. The sock has a Square/Dutch heel and a circular toe – which means the bonus of no Kitchener stitch, if you’re someone who doesn’t like it.

No kitchener stitch sock

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Don’t like Kitchener stitch? Here’s a sock toe without Knitchener stitch

Update 01/02/17 – This post is about knitting a toe that doesn’t use Kitchener Stitch. You can adapt it to the pattern you’re currently using by starting working on it when the foot of your sock is about 2″/5cm less than your desired foot length. If you’ve finished a toe that needs Kitchener stitch and don’t want to frog back 2″/5cm, I don’t have a post to tell you how to that – although you could just cast off and sew it up – but I do have a picture tutorial that might help you with Kitchener stitch here.

Original Post…

In my quest to explore different ways to knit socks, I decided to work a round toe on the socks that I’m knitting for the No Nylon Sock KAL. A round toe is simple to work and involves no Kitchener stitch.


Working a round toe:

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