Moss Bordered Diamonds Baby Blanket

I love moss stitch and double moss stitch, because they form such pretty, delicate patterns with the added bonus of them being reversible. So back in February when I decided to knit a baby blanket for one of my mum-in-waiting friends, I immediately turned to my stitch directories and looked for a suitable moss stitch pattern. I immediately found one in the first directory I looked in.

Moss bordered diamonds is a pretty design, which, unlike lace patterns, doesn’t create holes for tiny fingers to get caught in. Perfect for a first blanket. All I needed to do was knit a swatch, calculate the number of rows needed to make it baby blanket size and add a boarder.

Being a gift, I wanted to keep it secret until after baby arrived. But now he’s here, I can show you….

Moss Bordered Diamonds Baby Blanket

And a close-up of both sides…

Moss Bordered DiamondsMoss Bordered Diamonds reverse

So although this isn’t really a baby blanket pattern, just a stitch pattern with a boarder, I’ve shared it on Ravelry here in case anyone else fancies making one. Although I know some of you hate moss stitch, so it might not be your ideal piece of knitting.

Bekki Hill