Summer Sevens

So I’ve been a little absent from the blog world lately. I’m afraid I’ve no real excuses. I haven’t been particularly extra busy, but somehow I took a break for week and it turned into six. So I thought I’d start back with a quick post of seven photos of my last six weeks of the non-crafty things I’ve been up to, before I move onto the crafty ones.

July started with me busy helping organise the village fair – if you’re local and missed it, look out for it next year, it really is growing into an amazing event.

lydford summer fairkk

We’ve had lots of lovely hot sunny weather which meant trips to the beach


And lovely sunny walks…


We even went up country once and saw the girls – who don’t like their photos on the blog, so instead here’s a pic of sign at a service station on the A303 – I’ve never seen a service station that doesn’t allow dogs. We certainly won’t be stopping there again.


At home we’ve mostly been gardening, but I don’t seem to have taken any pics of anything looking pretty in the garden…


And that really is about it.

Hope you’ve all had a great summer.

I’ll be back soon with some crafty posts.

Until next time

Bekki x


Sunday Sevens – 13th November

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins. Although Nat really seems to have gone to ground. I hope all is well with her.

Last Sunday was the second day of Stitch Fest South West, were I had a stall. Had a really great time there – will write a post about it in the week.


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Sunday Seven’s – 2nd October

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins.

Sadly, at least for me, amount of busyness tends to be inversely proportional to number of photos taken. However, I did – just – manage seven this week.  So here goes….

1.  I was fascinated last Sunday to see the difference in colour between the new growth and the previous years growth on the fir trees. Not sure if it was the sunlight, but I’ve never seen the difference show so clearly before… Continue reading “Sunday Seven’s – 2nd October”

Sunday Sevens – 3rd July

Time for another Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins,  devised for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

This week has been another cold, damp week when the temperature has remained in the low teens.


Although I’d love to have a bit of real summer – as opposed to real British summer – I have to confess to being a little pleased about the miserable weather.  Hicks is struggling the minute it warms up or the sun comes, but this week – even though he’s not been up to long walks for a while –  the cooler weather has allowed him to be his little scallywag self: disappearing off to chew a deer bone hidden in the undergrowth, making us think we’d lost him on Tuesday; abandoning us to play with another team at the pub quiz on Wednesday;  and on Thursday trying to get through a friends garden fence at any cost.

‘Sorry, I prefer this team’

On Friday, he was rather lethargic, but despite only having a 200 yard walk, he still managed to get stuck on top of a Devon bank.


Late on Friday afternoon he went rather more down hill, so I took him to the vet. She put him on antibiotics and, after a very quiet Saturday, he chased out after the rabbits when I let him out this morning. His tummy is quite distended though, so we still need to work out what’s going on there.


This Saturday was the day of our village music festival.


I helped out on the gate for a couple of hours then watched a couple of bands. However, still worried about Hicks, we headed home early to see that he was okay and to keep him company.


The rest of the week was very mundane apart from Friday when I found another wonderful stockist for The Dartmoor Yarn Company. I’m delighted to say, our kits and yarn are now also available at Cosy Corner Crafts at South Brent. Cosy Corner Crafts is a gorgeous shop full of wonderful fabric and yarn and wonderful of craft supplies, in the delightful village of South Brent, just 15 mins away from Totnes. Sorry no photo, there were two cars parked right outside when I was there.

Kit construction in progress

And in other good news, Lovely Littlest’s knitting is still happening and the scarf is still growing 🙂


Hope you’ve had a good week!

Bekki Hill

Sunday Sevens – Beating the Bounds

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

This week I’d like to share photos of us beating the bounds of our village on Saturday last weekend. Beating the Bounds dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, when villagers would formally walk the boundaries of the parish. This was done to hand down knowledge of where the boundaries were, to check that no one was encroaching on the villagers’ land and to scare away evil spirits. If you want to know more this link talks about the beating of the bounds on Dartmoor. Continue reading “Sunday Sevens – Beating the Bounds”