Sunday Sevens 2020 #22

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens; a post where I share seven or so photos from my week.

Last Sunday was not just Father’s Day…


… It was the day I delivered my first watercolour commission…

father's day card00

Pro bono, of course, for Harry.

Sadly under current semi-lock down, lovely daughters couldn’t visit their dad on father’s day ūüė¶


In better news, we finally found some sleepers to make a raised bed with…


Despite the short heatwave…


… and wanting to use the sleepers as skis, LH stared building it…


… while I did one of my favourite jobs; harvesting the lavender that grows on the steps to our front door…

In the fields the farmers were busy making hay while the sun shone…


And finally, since he hasn’t yet put in an appearance yet this week, here’s a photo of Harry…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Knitters’ Weather?

The un-British highs of 33 degrees, that we’ve experienced in the last couple of days, might not be the weather for sitting knitting an afghan, but as a wool enthusiast they¬†still¬†pleased me no end. Not only have I been dyeing like a¬†crazy lady – more on that another day – but a good hot day in¬†July is just what’s needed to harvest some lavender.


As I’m sure you know, Lavender¬†is a natural moth repellent – so a great way to keep the little critters away from my ever growing yarn stash.

We’ve a positive riot of unruly lavender that attempts to swamp our front steps every year. 20160719_191921

So yesterday, after a good hot, dry day, I took the scissors to it and gave it a haircut.

I’ve always understood the best time to harvest lavender is when the buds have formed on the plant, but the flowers haven’t¬†opened. This is¬†because¬†it will fall off the stems more easily when dry, and¬†also because once the flowers¬†open, they begin to loose their scent. However, a quick google left me confused. Some website say cut it after the flowers have¬†opened. But at least they all agreed it’s good for scaring away moths.

Do you harvest lavender, and if so, when? And what do you use it for?

Hope you’re enjoying the hot weather if you have it.

Bekki Hill