Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted by me

This is the third year I’ve taken part in the #stitchingsanta organised by Shelia at Sewchet. In the previous two years, I’ve enjoyed blogging about my progress on the gifts I’ve been making. However this year I haven’t been able to blog (much), because my recipient was none other that the lovely Shelia herself. No pressure there then!


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A bit more progress – Dartmoor Dormouse

There was a wee project I didn’t admit to finishing on Tuesday, because I’ve grown wise to not declaring kits are finished until they really are ready – i.e. the packing is also ready and the little critter is up on the website shop. If only I could simply knit the creature, write the pattern, have it checked and the rest sort itself out!

Anyways, here’s another project I finished this week…


Hope you like him!

Teeny Tiny Sheep Keyring

I can’t believe the last time I showed you a Finished object was ten days ago. Although I’ve got some large knitting projects on the go,  I’ve plenty of small ones I want to knit. But I haven’t been able to get my head into the right space to sit down and work on even my simplest small ideas.

I finally seem to have my mojo back today and have knitted a tiny teeny sheep for a sheep keyring kit!


Now he’s hanging out in the shop with the other keyring kits, I’m off to work on some more ideas.

Hope your creativity’s been more in evidence than mine of late.



A collection of knitted cactus and a knitted plant pot/bowl tutorial

On Tuesday I mentioned that I’d stayed with Lovely Littlest when I visited Unravel. Lovely Littlest has only just moved into a new flat, so I wanted to take her a flat warming present. The obvious choice, of course, was a knitted cactus collection. Well, actually it wasn’t. I was going to make a smaller plant, but got carried away knitting the pot. It turned out big enough to wear as a hat…

bowl-hat It would probably have been quicker to start again, but now I’d made it, I decided it would look nice filled with a few cacti. Sure there had to be patterns for knitted cactus out there, I decided not to reinvent the wheel – unless I didn’t like any of them – and looked on line for knitted cactus patterns. Continue reading “A collection of knitted cactus and a knitted plant pot/bowl tutorial”

We’re in Simply Knitting issue 156 – or at least they are.

Several people have observed that our sheep has ‘personality’. Boy are they they right. A few weeks ago, sheep and and teapot sweater snuck off and blagged their way onto a simply knitting photo shoot.   The first I heard of it, was when they started pestering me to buy them a copy of Simply Knitting.


And now they’re pestering me to tell you about it. So here they are…



Knitted Valentines Hearts

My lovely next door neighbour is completely to blame for these. She got me thinking about knitted wedding favours and, with Valentine’s day only a few weeks away, I couldn’t resist making some heart kits for the shop.

First I knitted some tiny teeny hearts…


… then added a keyring…


After that I made some bigger hearts.


I just love how hanging a heart on a door knob or a cupboard or drawer make a house seem more homey and loved…

For a wonderful scent, I’ve added a pouch of lavender.

Although it’s still a couple of weeks until Valentines, Love does seem my keyword right now, because I love knitted cream cushions, they go with almost any colour scheme. I also love natural cream wool. And on top of that – as you may have noticed – I love cables. So it was only a matter of time before I designed a cream cable cushion kit…


So that’s where a fair amount of my creative energy and knitting time has gone over the last couple of weeks. Hope you like them.

Bekki x