YAY! I’m UFO Free!

One of the great things about blogging is that once I’ve promised to do something on my blog, I find it much harder to hide from doing it. I’ve no doubt that if I kept quiet and didn’t mention it again, you guys would forget I ever made the promise, but still making that promise in open forum makes it so much more compelling. After all a promise is a promise. Continue reading “YAY! I’m UFO Free!”

UFO Update and Kitchener Stitch Picture Tutorial

As I promised last week, I dug to the bottom of my knitting basket at the weekend in search of UFOs. I was delighted to find only the one UFO I already knew was there; a pair of socks, one sock waiting for an afterthought heel, the other in need of a spot of Kitchener stitch to close the toe.


Having vowed to rid myself of UFOs for the year, I took out my tapestry needle to Kitchener stitch the toe closed, when it occurred to me, I could take some pictures and write a Kitchener stitch tutorial. Hopefully some of you will find it useful and hopefully it will divert all of you from noticing the afterthought heel is still unfinished. Continue reading “UFO Update and Kitchener Stitch Picture Tutorial”

Don’t like Kitchener stitch? Here’s a sock toe without Knitchener stitch

Update 01/02/17 – This post is about knitting a toe that doesn’t use Kitchener Stitch. You can adapt it to the pattern you’re currently using by starting working on it when the foot of your sock is about 2″/5cm less than your desired foot length. If you’ve finished a toe that needs Kitchener stitch and don’t want to frog back 2″/5cm, I don’t have a post to tell you how to that – although you could just cast off and sew it up – but I do have a picture tutorial that might help you with Kitchener stitch here.

Original Post…

In my quest to explore different ways to knit socks, I decided to work a round toe on the socks that I’m knitting for the No Nylon Sock KAL. A round toe is simple to work and involves no Kitchener stitch.


Working a round toe:

Continue reading “Don’t like Kitchener stitch? Here’s a sock toe without Knitchener stitch”