Drawing Harry

It was always only going to be a matter of time, once I started this sketching malarkey, before I drew Harry. I confess I was a little scared. It seemed a big challenge. There were, of course, the eyes to get right, which I tackled first, figuring that if I got them wrong I wouldn’t have wasted time on the other bits.DSCN340100

But the eyes were the least of my troubles. Even harder to get to grips with was the nose and the blond hairs around it. And harder than that was drawing the fur.

Harry c.jpg
Don’t know why my camera turned this photo blue.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt – given I only started drawing 4 months ago, but there’s certainly things I need to work on:

  1. The nose needs better texture.
  2. The hairs underneath the nose are way too thick –  although this was down to not having the right equipment.
  3.  The fur on Harry’s ear is just wrong.
  4.  The position of Harry’s left ear (the one on our right) is plain wrong too.

So the plan is to work firstly on ears – I think the challenge is that the fur on his ears is actually more hair than fur. From there I’ll tackle the nose and the white hairs under it.

As always any constructive advice from you guys will be greatly appreciated.

Until next time,

Bekki x

A Very Old FO

Last week Shelia who blogs as Sewchet wrote a post about a dog coat she knitted for one of her dogs that didn’t fit it. The photos she posted of Fifi, her very unimpressed dog, didn’t just make me smile, but reminded me of the time about four years ago when I knitted some coats for homeless dogs and took photos of Mr Hicks modelling one. Knowing Hicks has a few fans out there, I thought I’d pop the pics on a quick post  and share them with you under the guise of showing you one of my old finished objects…


Apologies for the quality – I presume it’s the age of the phone they were taken on.