Knitted Santa Sacks: Free knitting patterns for advent – day 2

I designed this cute little Santa sack for those who are new to knitting, those who don’t do a lot of knitting, or those who want a quick knit. Just cast on and get knitting. If you don’t want to work the ‘yo k2tog’ row, you can simply knit it instead and thread your tie through on a tapestry needle.

Of course, there’s also no reason not to knit it up however experienced you are.


I like this little sack way it is, but if you want you could bling it up a bit with a ribbon for the tie and couple of jingle bells tied to it.

You can find the pattern here. If you knit it up, please do share a picture – our Ravelry page is here, and we’re here on Facebook.

Back tomorrow with another free Santa sack knitting pattern. If you missed yesterday’s click here.

Bekki Hill