Comfort Stitching #2

It’s been just over a month since I showed you the cross stitch I started working on again at the beginning of lock down, which had been lying untouched for several years. At the time I mentioned how this felt rather therapeutic under the lock own circumstances and many agreed they had found themselves ‘comfort crafting’ too, rather than working on their more usual projects.

Including my lock down stitching I’d completed about a quarter…


I’m pleased to say that I’ve now completed around a half…


So if it’s taken me 8 years to do approximately half, at that speed I’ll be finished by 2028 – or maybe, if I keep going, even less.

Are you still comfort crafting or doing something else?

Until next time,

Bekki x

FO Catch Up #1

So here I am attempting to catch up with showing you my summer makes. I’m afraid this one is a rather short post, because I have no idea what to more to tell you about a cross stitch than, Look, I finished my chicken cross stitch!


Well, and that it took a second place in the craft section at the produce show.

Now I need to get on and frame it.

Until next time.

Bekki xx