Frog or Finish Nine for 2019

Over at Beads and Barnacles Pippa’s been getting organised with Make Nine and Use Nine grids. She’s inspired me to make a grid of nine projects I want to frog or finish this year. I know I’m a bit late in the year for posting my UFOs, and I know I usually just list them, but a grid makes a nice visual reminder and is a manageable number. So here’s my Frog or Finish Nine for 2019…

  1. We’ve already discussed this this year – it’s the patchwork quilt.
  2. Two project bags that just need handles.
  3. A Santa sack that just needs sewing up.
  4. An almost finished cardigan that I just need a friend’s opinion how the opening should sit to finish.
  5. A crochet top that has to be frogged – my thumb’s too sore to crochet these days ūüė¶
  6. A pair of socks.
  7. A too boring shawl that needs frogging.
  8. A shawl that needs blocking – it’s always so damp in Dartmoor, I never want to deliberately make something wet just to dry it off.
  9. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll recognise this UFO – I’m still wrestling with myself; I don’t seem to like it enough to finish it, but can’t quite bring myself to frog it!

In truth I could finish 7/9 of these in and evening if I frogged number 9. Let’s see how long it actually takes me.

Until next time,


Woolly Workshops and Wool Market in Liskeard

Just dropping by to tell you¬† 3 Bags Full in Liskeard have just announced their autumn woolly workshop programme that runs from 3 to 16 October 2016. It’s well worth checking out if¬†you’re local to Liskeard, or likely to be in the area in October, as¬†it’s packed with a real variety of interesting woolly¬†workshops run by some awesome tutors, and one run by lil’ old me.

3 Bags full Liskeard

I’m absolutely delighted to be running a workshop on¬†called Twists, Turns and Reverse Cables. If you’re a¬†regularly visitor to my blog, you’ll know cabling is¬†one of my very favourite ways of knitting! So¬†not just a¬†huge thank you to 3 Bags Full for inviting me to run a workshop, but also for letting me work with some of my favourite stitches. I’m really looking forward to it!


3 Bags Full are also hosting a wool market in Liskeard Public Hall, from 4-8pm on Friday 30th September, a few days before the workshop programme starts. And yes, I confess, I have stall there amongst a real variety of wonderful local woolly traders. So very excited about meeting lots of lovely woolly peeps there too!

Bekki Hill


Colour Survey

I’m¬† thinking about the colours I’m hand dyeing my yarns with. Various people I’ve spoken to have been very helpful, but I thought¬†I’d ask you guys too.¬†So I made a survey. It would be really great if you’ve got a couple of minutes to answer the questions in it and/or pass on to anyone you know who knits or crochets.

The link is here

Thanks in advance,

Bekki Hill