How much mess is good for your creativity?

On Monday I blogged about untidiness enhancing creativity, but also wasting time and creating frustration. Since then I’ve wondered what the ideal level of mess is to enhance creativity without it being outweighed by time lost hunting for stuff and the frustrations it causes.

Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if I could work it out by drawing a graph like this…

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Creating Focus when Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Many creative people resist goal setting, because the mere idea of setting a deadline slams the door on their creative place. Others claim ‘it’s all in the mind’ – many highly creative people work to deadlines all the time. However, creativity itself is ‘all in the mind’ and for many people goal setting undoubtedly  makes them less creative.

The danger of not setting goals is that we drift, loose focus and procrastinate. So

How do you create focus if goal setting strangles your muse?

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