Knitted Santa Sacks: Free knitting patterns for advent – day 19

The pace has finally got to me. You may have gathered I’m knitting these as I go along and today’s is a disaster, but no time to rip and knit again. So just to prove I did it, here it is and for a bit of fun, what the heck do you think that white blob in the middle is supposed to be?

I won’t kid myself that anyone wants a pattern for this, If you want a 19th day Santa sack, I haven’t done a plain stocking stitch one, yet, so let’s just pretend that’s what this one is and knit up as a picture one with no picture.


For more info on The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s advent calendar of Free Santa sack knitting patterns, click here.


If you knit up any of the Santa sack patterns, please do share pictures of them. The Dartmoor Yarn Company Ravelry page is here, and we’re here on Facebook.

Happy knitting!

Bekki Hill