Dartmoor Yarns Episode One on YouTube – rookie errors and a giveaway

Having taken a very deep breath, I’ve just published my first podcast/vlog on YouTube. (Would somebody please tell me what it’s called? I always thought podcasts were audio only, but see people now calling their YouTube stuff podcasts.)

Of course anything new is going to throw up a few challenges and I made a few rookie errors. I also took ages  to edit it, which was extended even further because we had visitors – it will be clear to anyone in the UK, from the weather, that it’s a few days since I started working on it!

So there’s a few ‘warts’ I’m well aware of.  I’ll also add that there’s a giveaway for the pattern for this sock….

… I say I’ve put the pattern on Ravelry, and I intended to do so before I made the episode public. However, the competition is to vote for a name for the pattern and when I went to put it up on Ravelry, I  realised I couldn’t do that without a name. Doh! So the pattern isn’t on Ravelry yet, but please do enter the giveaway (see below) and I will put it up on Ravelry when I announce the winner in Episode 2.

Anyway, for better or worse, Episode One is up on YouTube and, as always, constructive criticism will be appreciated.

And here’s an explanation of how to enter the giveaway, the rules of the giveaway and links to other things mentioned….

Sock pattern giveaway

How to enter: In the comments section below vote for one of the pattern names I’ve suggested on the podcast/vlog or make a suggestion of your own.

For each person’s vote or suggestion in the comments section , I’ll put one entry into the giveaway. Since I greatly value my regular readers, I’ll add two extra entries for them if they enter the giveaway here. I’ll also appreciate any new blog followers, so I’ll add one extra entry for any new followers who vote/make a suggestion below.

You can also make extra entries into the draw in the comments on the Youtube comments, Facebook, Ravelry,  Twitter and Instagram. Check the relevant posts about how to do this on each one here:

Instagram: DartmoorYarns

Facebook: The Dartmoor Yarn Company

Twitter: DartmoorYarns

Ravelry:  The Dartmoor Yarn Company

Giveaway rules

  • This giveaway ends at midnight on Monday 3th July 2017 British Summer Time. Entries into the giveaway received after this time will be invalid and not be included in the draw.
  • One winner will be drawn at random during the next YouTube episode of Dartmoor Yarns. The winner will receive a free PDF copy of the pattern for the pair of socks shown as a finished object on Dartmoor Yarns YouTube Episode 1.
  • Only one vote/suggestion per social media channel per person will be accepted.
  • Instagram and Twitter entries must include #dartmooryarns.
  • No other prize can be substituted for the prize offered.
  • My decision on the winner is final.
  • No correspondence will be entered regarding the giveaway once the winner has been announced.
  • The final name of the sock pattern may not be the one voted for or suggested by the winner of the giveaway.
  • Only entries that comply with the criteria stated above will be entered into the draw.
  • By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years of age and are adhering to the above rules.

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Look forward to hearing what you think of my first vlog/podcast attempt.

#Stitching Santa

A very quick post to share a few bits and bobs I’m sending my crafty secret Santa in the Stitching Santa swap. She’s a yarn lover who knits beautiful lace, so most of my £10 budget was spent on this locally produced yarn…


These pretty buttons were made by a local crafter…


Since my swap partner is an accomplished knitter, it felt a bit coals to Newcastle knitting for her, so I so unearthed my sewing machine and made…

A handbag project bag – just big enough for one ball of yarn and some needles.
A secret present – secret, because, if I show it, it may give away too much about who my swap partner is and spoil the surprise if she’s reads this.


A crown to wear at Christmas dinner. Why? Well, two reasons. But both, again, will give away too much about her if I tell you.

I’m sending a few other bits and bobs too, but these are the gifts I’ve most enjoyed finding and making. I hope my partner likes them.  Thanks again to Shelia for organising the swap.

Bekki Hill



Great beginner lace knitting project – Feather and Fan Scarf

I chose to knit the Feather and Fan short scarf because I was looking for a pretty scarf to knit. But when I read the pattern, I discovered it was also a very simple lace knit.

Lace Leaf Scarf

This scarf is simply Feather and Fan stitch, which is an old Shetland lace stitch also known as Old Shale. Old Shale (sometimes also called shell stitch – how many names does it want?) consists of equal decreases grouped together and equal increases  grouped together. The pattern was originally named Old Shale because it was thought to resemble the print the waves leave the on shale sands.

20151214_133805 (1)

Apparently, in Shetland, it used to be said that no two families knitted the pattern the same. The Feather and Fan short scarf pattern is a four row repeat; the pattern row repeating groups of six k2tog and six yo, K1: the other three rows are purl, knit, purl. It is therefore a very simple lace pattern, suitable for those taking their first steps in lace knitting.


For my scarf I used one 50g ball of Blacker Yarns bluefaced Leicester laceweight.

Blacker Yarns Bluefaced Leicester Laceweight Yarn

The resulting scarf is 39inches long x 12 inches wide.

Feather and Fan Short Scarf

Its simple structure made it great to knit when I had an odd 2o minutes to knit up four quick rows – always stopping before a pattern row so, although I attached a row counter, I didn’t use it. I barely felt as if I was knitting it and it seemed to be finished very quickly.

Lace leaf Shawl Blacker yarns Blue Faced Leicester

However I think my lace would have been neater and more even, if I’d knitted it in larger chunks of time that allowed me to build up a more relaxed even knitting rhythm. So I’ve learnt a lesson there about cramming in stitches for NaKnitMo!

Feather and Fan stitch - Old Shale StitchI certainly can’t think of a simpler way to make a gorgeous lace scarf and definitely recommend it to anyone knitting lace for the first time.

Apologies for the constant colour changing. Not only is this a difficult colour to capture, it was so dank and dark when I took the final photos yesterday, there was no good light to be had. The second photo down is most true to colour.

Hope your final Christmas makes are going well.

Bekki Hill

It hat to be fate! The Shetland Wool Wee Baa-ble Hat

On Tuesday I gave you a peep of my The Shetland Wool Week Baa-ble hat, half finished. I’d seen it popping up all over ravelry and various blogs for a while, before I knitted it. I loved it, but I had so much else on the go, I didn’t dare start a new project – especially fair isle, when I was attempting to clock up as many stitches as possible for NaKnitMO.

But as I wandered through Cowslip Workshops’ Christmas fair, a couple of weeks ago, I spotted Blacker Yarns’ irresistible bargain bin. In it was a blue yarn perfect for the hat. It hat to be fate. I hat to knit it.

Blacker Swan Merino

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