(Not so) Secret Sweater Ta Da!

Regular readers are unlikely to have missed the shaggy dog story  the story of the secret sweater I was knitting for Lovely Husband’s birthday – which became the not so secret sweater, when I ran our of time and gave it to him, all but finished, in pieces.


Amazingly – where has the time gone? – that was back in April. But the time delay between almost finished and finished hasn’t been down to tardy knitting. It’s the fault of the British weather.

Really it is. I finished knitting the front pretty quickly. If I was to take my own advice, I’d have blocked it in pieces, but, as it was almost summer, the aga was switched off. And, as I live in Britain, our almost summer weather was cold, damp and foggy.


No chance of drying pieces of a thick Aran sweater in that weather – not pinned down to a blocking matt with no warmth in the aga.

So, impatient to finish, I put the sweater together. By the time I’d done that, it was even more almost summer and the weather was even more damp, colder and foggier.20160502_114920

I waited….

and  waited….

….and waited.

Finally the weather turned warm enough!


After a gentle blocking, all that was left to do, was to persuade Lovely Husband to model it.

LH’s favourite Usain Bolt pose


Usain Bolt in Reverse…


And, the obligatory hands on hips pose…


As some of you may have guessed, the sweater is knitted in The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s beautiful Aran Ryeland yarn. But, of course, now we have some summer weather, it’s far too warm for him to wear it.

Oh, hang on, that was last week. This week proper British summer weather is back.


The perils of sharing your secret

After lots of lovely encouragement from lots of my lovely readers, I put the pieces of the secret sweater in a box – so one squish didn’t give away what it was – and wrapped it up.


As you all predicted,  Lovely Husband was very pleased with his bits of sweater. Although he did keep asking  ‘It is big enough though, isn’t it?’. I would suggest knitting it too small would be a rookie error, but I’ll keep my mouth shut just in case. Continue reading “The perils of sharing your secret”

Secret knitting

I knew it was a tall order when I set the goal of knitting and entire man-size Aran sweater, in secret, in just under two months, since most of my knitting happens in the evenings, when Lovely Husband is usually around. But as March  drew to a close, I was certain, despite our planned trip to the Netherlands – when I wouldn’t be able to do any secret knitting – I was going to make it. However, as as regular readers will know, when April dawned, I was struck down with flu. Continue reading “Secret knitting”

How to rescue a wrongly twisted cable – or one you forgot to twist – without frogging

I confess that while knitting the Secret Sweater  I’ve been in such a hurry on a couple of occasions I’ve managed to twist cables the wrong way. Although it does take a short time to sort out a wrongly twisted – or untwisted – cable, there’s absolutely no need to frog – unless you like frogging. It took me about 20 minutes to sort this one out, which was eight rows down from where I was working.  Here’s how I did it: Continue reading “How to rescue a wrongly twisted cable – or one you forgot to twist – without frogging”

Progress on the Secret Sweater – Make or Break Week

Regular readers will remember that at the end of last month, I set myself the challenge of knitting Lovely Husband a sweater in time for his birthday. By my calculations, I needed to complete about 11 rows a day. That might not sound too steep until I add that it’s an Aran sweater and, as it’s going to be a birthday present, I need to knit it in secret. i.e. not evenings, the time I usually knit, when LH is usually around.


Continue reading “Progress on the Secret Sweater – Make or Break Week”