Cable Catch Up

The great thing about going on a road trip is having lots of time to knit in the passenger seat. I did so well on my Heartfelt Cardigan last week, I decided it was time for a catch up post to show you my progress.

Two weeks ago I’d done this much of the back…


The back is now finished…


And I’ve done half a sleeve.


I usually knit both sleeves together, but didn’t because I’m knitting from a cone and didn’t want to mess about winding wool off.


When I knit a sweater or cardigan I like to knit both sleeves together after the back and before the front(s), because I think it leaves the easy more exciting bit i.e. the front(s)  to the end. Knitting both at once ensures both sleeves are the same and makes it feel as if the knitting goes quicker, so I think knitting one at a time will make it feel as if it’s taking longer.

What order do you knit a sweater/cardigan? And why do you do it that way?

Until next time,

Bekki x

Heartfelt Revisited

Nearly two years ago – Yes! Nearly two whole years ago – I finished my Heartfelt Cardigan. I’d designed it to replace my incredibly old and dilapidated cream Aran cardigan that I wore practically all the time around the house.


I knitted my new cardigan in grey to make it wearable with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, given I wear a lot of blue…


…but somehow, although I love it, although I wear it, it doesn’t get the wear the cream one got. In fact I still wear the cream one occasionally, even thought it’s so manky.

When I finished my tuck stitch sweater a couple of weeks ago I started looking for a new  knitting project.


I looked at loads of patterns and finally decided I’d knit Heartfelt in cream and when it’s finished I really will through my old cream cardigan in the bin. Decision made that only left the problem that I never finished writing up the pattern – have you forgiven me for that yet Lynn? So I took out my tape measure and notepad and started measuring and counting.

I’ve started the back, and this time I’m going to write the pattern up properly as I go along!


Until next time,

Bekki x


Heartfelt Cardigan TA DA!

Many years ago, when I did not have the time to knit a cable cardigan, I bought a cream cable cardigan. I very much loved my cardigan, but over time it grew. As it grew, it moved from being a favourite cardigan to a pull on when it’s chilly cardigan. But still it grew and the cream began to turn a little grey however well it was washed. So it became a throw on when it’s chilly and you’re absolutely sure no one will see you in it cardigan.

20190319_165215gggI wished and wished my poor cardigan was still new, until one day I realised wishing was going to get me nowhere.  So I picked up my needles. I wanted to knit an near identical cable cardigan in my grey Dartmoor Yarn Company wool, but one that felt a little more feminine. I loved the idea of cabled hearts, but this was the closest I could find in a stitchionary.


But it just wasn’t heart shaped enough and I certainly didn’t want anything as untidy as the way that one pulls at the sides – although I did wonder if that was down to the skill of the knitter who made the sample for the book.

There was nothing for it but take out my graph paper and design my own.

The pink one is my first attempt.

And so I began knitting, until finally…



Heartfelt Cardigan

I’m very pleased with the finished cardigan, but not so pleased with the size of my hips and bottom.  I did intended it to be slightly looser fit and I did get the measurements right – I just failed to lose the weight I intended. So now my cardigan is finished, I’ve absolutely no excuse not do it justice by getting on with losing those extra inches, which I lost last year then put half of them back on again!

I also now need to get the pattern written up within a month as I promised in the goal I added to my 2017 list last month.

(Not so) Secret Sweater Ta Da!

Regular readers are unlikely to have missed the shaggy dog story  the story of the secret sweater I was knitting for Lovely Husband’s birthday – which became the not so secret sweater, when I ran our of time and gave it to him, all but finished, in pieces.


Amazingly – where has the time gone? – that was back in April. But the time delay between almost finished and finished hasn’t been down to tardy knitting. It’s the fault of the British weather.

Really it is. I finished knitting the front pretty quickly. If I was to take my own advice, I’d have blocked it in pieces, but, as it was almost summer, the aga was switched off. And, as I live in Britain, our almost summer weather was cold, damp and foggy.


No chance of drying pieces of a thick Aran sweater in that weather – not pinned down to a blocking matt with no warmth in the aga.

So, impatient to finish, I put the sweater together. By the time I’d done that, it was even more almost summer and the weather was even more damp, colder and foggier.20160502_114920

I waited….

and  waited….

….and waited.

Finally the weather turned warm enough!


After a gentle blocking, all that was left to do, was to persuade Lovely Husband to model it.

LH’s favourite Usain Bolt pose


Usain Bolt in Reverse…


And, the obligatory hands on hips pose…


As some of you may have guessed, the sweater is knitted in The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s beautiful Aran Ryeland yarn. But, of course, now we have some summer weather, it’s far too warm for him to wear it.

Oh, hang on, that was last week. This week proper British summer weather is back.


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