Watercolour Progress

A couple of weeks ago or so, with my creative mojo having gone AWOL, I forced myself to sit down and paint. I also promised myself I would paint every day from then on and share the results weekly on my blog – however bad they were.

Although I broke my second promise and didn’t post last week, I did keep to the first. I started with some technique experimentation that was a bit mad – so we’ll gloss over that – then with painting bees still on my mind, I spotted a bee on these beautiful flowers and decided to paint it.

This is the point where I need you, dear reader, to tell me what sort of flowers these are – please.

Okay, so the picture was taken after the bee flew away. And yes, I know this is a tall order for a newbie to paint in watercolour, but still I sketched them and made a start.


However the level of detail of the flower became rather intimidating. Rather than make a complete mess, I decided I needed to build my detail painting skills and come back to it. So I took a free class from Anna Mason – painting wet on dry. I didn’t have any hot pressed paper, so it doesn’t look as it should, but I’m happy enough with the result.


Following this I had the urge to to paint a pear wet on wet…


Somewhere in the last two weeks I also painted a few birds – these are my favourite two…

and I painted an anagram card…


I’ve a couple of other unfinished painting on the go too. So all in all quite please with my progress and also pleased to say I think I spotted my creative mojo hiding behind my paint brushes last night.

Stay safe, stay well,

Until next time,

Bekki x