Progress Update

My knitting is ticking along quite nicely now that hubby is off, because I can leave the driving to him and get on with my knitting. Although this does mean working on knitting I could do with my eyes shut, because the local roads are so wiggly I’d be sick even from glancing down at it.

My main car project is the Good Vibrations Shawlette. I do the ruffles at home as they can be a little too fiddly when flying around corners and the boring garter stitch rows in the car… Continue reading “Progress Update”

Teeny Tiny Sheep Keyring

I can’t believe the last time I showed you a Finished object was ten days ago. Although I’ve got some large knitting projects on the go,  I’ve plenty of small ones I want to knit. But I haven’t been able to get my head into the right space to sit down and work on even my simplest small ideas.

I finally seem to have my mojo back today and have knitted a tiny teeny sheep for a sheep keyring kit!


Now he’s hanging out in the shop with the other keyring kits, I’m off to work on some more ideas.

Hope your creativity’s been more in evidence than mine of late.