Puppy Paws Dog Walkers Sock Pattern, Giveaway Confession and LoveKnitting.com

If you’ve been reading this blog a while, you may recall that back in July, I made my first vlog post and set a give away competition for a paw print sock pattern PDF. I promised to announce a winner on my next vlog post. But then life took a bit of nose dive, I never made my next vlog post and, to my shame, forgot about the give away.

Paw Prints Dog Walkers Socks

Or at least I forgot until a couple of weeks ago, when I published my Dartmoor Sheep Sock pattern and remembered I’d never put the puppy paws pattern up for sale or  found a winner of  the giveaway. So here I am finally making amends.

First off, a HUGE apology to all those who entered for not running the draw.  Second I’ve now made the drawn using my random name picker, aka Lovely Husband and  a Tupperware box with screwed up pieces of paper in it. And the winner is…

Puppy Paws Sock

Mary from Mary’s Yarn Creations! Mary, I haven’t contacted you yet, since I think it’s a nicer surprise to read a post and find out you’ve won something. Please contact me through my contact form to let me know your email and I’ll send the pattern over. Of course I’ll contact Mary if she misses this post.

For anyone who does fancy the Paw Prints Dog Walker’s sock pattern and isn’t Mary, it’s now for sale as a PDF download on Ravelry or as a paper pattern, with free postage and 30% launch celebration discount, in my shop.

I also wanted to let you know that my 27 Knitted Santa Sacks and Dartmoor Sheep Socks patterns are now also for sale on Love Knitting as well as Ravelry and in my shop.

The Paw Prints Dog Walkers sock pattern should be on Love Knitting shortly, but it takes 5 days for them to approve patterns.

And one final word especially for Lynn who blogs at Tialys, Yes Heartfelt is next on the list, but the paws socks pattern was already knitted up and edited and tested.

Thanks for dropping by!





Sunday Sevens – 18th February

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

These days I seem to be starting each Sunday Sevens with a weather report. Not wanting to buck the trend, I can tell you it’s been a lot less wet this week, but still very cold. Lots of nice sunny walking weather…


… but definitely not feeling like spring. Although the crocuses have just started to make an appearance…


I’ve had to be very strong this week to resist watching the Winter Olympics all day long. Wonderful to see Lizzie Yarnold retain her Olympic title yesterday, but heartbreaking to see Elise Christie crashing out of her races…

20180213_111558On the subject of being strong, I’m also still on course for a dry February – even resisting wine at Thursday night’s Knit and Sip evening…


As for my main addiction, Mother in Law has been helping feed that by passing on a small bag of left over yarn for scrap projects.


I also finally finished the sleeves on my Pineapple Cardigan…



Yesterday I went to Craft 4 Crafters with a group of friends. I was mostly very good about not buying things I didn’t know what I was going to do with.

On the well behaved front, I brought some boxes for all the tiny bits and bobs I have…


and some findings for projects I have lined up…


Purchases I didn’t have a purpose for, but I’m sure will find one…

Some shell rainbow buttons…


Two beautiful big buttons…

And two flip flop buttons…


And finally a picture from the show just for Lynn at Tialys


Hope you’ve all had a great week.

Knitting Progress

I’ve just check and it turns out I haven’t done a knitting update since the end of last year. Probably because progress is feeling rather sluggish. In reality, I think it’s just that knitting a large project that makes it feel that way.

So far this year, I’ve knitted the back of my Pineapple cardigan – apart from the moss stitch edge that happened last year…


…and almost finished the sleeves. I though I had finished on Sunday, but then  decided they needed another 6 rows. I’m getting a little jaded with these – they need to be soooo long for my orangutan arms, plus knitting them two at a time, makes it seem as if I’ve been knitting them forever.


I’ve done very little other knitting. I have worked on a new kit and, although I was pleased with my first attempt,  each time I refine it, I’ve made it worse not better. Currently on my fourth version.

Test 606

I’ve did a very few rows knitted on my reversible scarf – which I already mention in my January UFO update.


Other than that, it’s been my handbag knitting. I’ve finished the leg of this sock…

There’s a few wrinkles in it, because the socks that fit my feet are too big for an average sock blocker. But who wants to be average?

And started the other one…


So although progress feels slow, reviewing what I’ve done tells me I’ve done a fair amount in the last six weeks 🙂

Reading back through my review I’m also thinking I should rename my blog The Knitting Giantess. 

My Spinning Journey Part 2: Rookie Errors Number One and Two

Since I pledged, in the middle of January, to spin for at least 15 minutes a day, I’ve pretty much managed it. My first steps were to reminded myself how to do it – having given up the wheel I was borrowing in October when my classes ended.

As you may recall, once I’d remembered what to do, I decided the best way to encourage myself would be to plan to knit something with the yarn I produced. I pulled out this carded fleece and decided to spin some yarn for a pair of Christmas socks.

Christmas red green white jacob carder felting

But I quickly decided I didn’t want to spin the colours together, since even I know red+green = brown.

As I started spinning the white, I also decided I didn’t want to ply different colours together to give a barber pole effect. That only left colour work to mix up the colours.  So off I went spinning the natural white wool, working on making my singles as even as possible. I was pretty pleased with the results I was getting.


Having spun what I figured would be enough, I plied my white singles together…

Hand Spun Jacob White23

Still pretty pleased with myself I spun the red…


and plyed it together…

Red Handspun Jacob

By now I had decided I was only going to knit red and white. So all I had to do was ‘finish’ the yarn, devise a pattern and start knitting. But when I picked the yarns up together, I noticed they looked rather different.

Handspun Jacob

In part I think it’s down to my spinning improving. I’m still making a few fluffy slugs (is there a technical word for them?) in the white, but have pretty much eliminated them from the red. However, I also think I made two rookie errors:

Rookie Error Number One: I’d aimed to spin all my singles the same thickness, but hadn’t checked my red singles against my white as I spun. I don’t think the difference in thickness is too bad, but I think could get them closer.


Rookie Error Number Two: The red yarn is more loosely plied and also, I think, too loosely plied for socks. I was cross about this, since I’d found a picture to check my white plying tension against when I plied it. However, in my enthusiasm to ply the red, I forgot about the picture and convinced myself the ply was fine without comparing red with white.

Time to reformulated my plan…

  • I’m now spinning some more white to go with the red – even if the difference in the singles isn’t as bad as I think, more practice can only be a good thing.


  • I know I could re-ply the red, but I think I’m going to knit it up as is. They’ll be a lot to learn by doing that.
  • I’m going to  knit a pair of mitts – I’m sure the ply is more suited to that than socks and they’re quicker.
  • I’m going to recognise that knitting the mitt will be a brilliant learning experience and not be attached to being able to wear what I knit from this yarn.


If you’re a spinner and have any words of wisdom, I’m always grateful for them.

And if you don’t spin, thanks for hanging on in to the end of the post – hope it makes some sense to you.



Sunday Sevens – 11th February

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was the first day this year it was dry enough to go out on my bike. It was, however jolly chilly…


I’m not complaining though, since I’d much rather have dry cold days than rain and damp. Although it hasn’t been dry by any means, most of the wet stuff has come down as hail or sleet.


On Tuesday, we saw the first snow we’ve had all winter. But although it snowed for much of the day, I was hard pressed to find any that settled.


Still it was lovely to walk amongst the snowflakes. Here’s one of my favourite parts of the woods at Abbeyford…

Prettier than most planted pines and the floor is divinely springy.

Of course there’s still a lot of water around. we found this ford on a walk…

I don’t think I’d have been brave enough, even in my 4×4, to drive across.

On Tuesday I had a trip to the dentist, so Lovely Husband went to the auction on his own and brought me back a present…


It was fun looking through it at all the old styles we thought we looked so fabulous in back in eighties…


There were also some interesting sections on crochet techniques, that I’ll refer to in future, and even a few patterns I may consider making. But not this…


My discovery of the week, was basil tofu. I’ve never really tried tofu before, but in my vegetarian explorations I discovered it. I love it and can’t wait to try some other flavours.


On Thursday, my new batch of yarn was finally ready to be picked up form the mill.


Since then there’s been a lot of ball winding and label attaching…


Thanks for dropping by. Hope you’ve had a great week.


A Happy Accident – Sheep Coasters

Last summer on a whim I decided to wet felt an extra, large extra thick piece felt to make coasters from. I find wet felting fun, but after a while the novelty wears off.  Unfortunately my interest didn’t last anywhere near long enough and, with better things to do, I gave up and dried it.


I kidded promised myself I’d finish it another day, but each time I looked at it I knew: Continue reading “A Happy Accident – Sheep Coasters”

Dartmoor Sheep Socks Knitting Pattern

If you read my posts regularly, you’ll know I love to make up my own designs, but often procrastinate over writing the patterns up. You’ll also know I’ve been promising to write up my sheep sock pattern a for a while. So I’m delighted to tell you the Dartmoor Sheep Socks pattern is now up on Ravelry.  The link is here.

Sheep Socks Knitting Pattern

PHEW! Now I’ve done the sheep socks I’d better go off and tackle writing up the Heartfelt Cardigan.