Watercolour Progress

A couple of weeks ago or so, with my creative mojo having gone AWOL, I forced myself to sit down and paint. I also promised myself I would paint every day from then on and share the results weekly on my blog – however bad they were.

Although I broke my second promise and didn’t post last week, I did keep to the first. I started with some technique experimentation that was a bit mad – so we’ll gloss over that – then with painting bees still on my mind, I spotted a bee on these beautiful flowers and decided to paint it.

This is the point where I need you, dear reader, to tell me what sort of flowers these are – please.

Okay, so the picture was taken after the bee flew away. And yes, I know this is a tall order for a newbie to paint in watercolour, but still I sketched them and made a start.


However the level of detail of the flower became rather intimidating. Rather than make a complete mess, I decided I needed to build my detail painting skills and come back to it. So I took a free class from Anna Mason – painting wet on dry. I didn’t have any hot pressed paper, so it doesn’t look as it should, but I’m happy enough with the result.


Following this I had the urge to to paint a pear wet on wet…


Somewhere in the last two weeks I also painted a few birds – these are my favourite two…

and I painted an anagram card…


I’ve a couple of other unfinished painting on the go too. So all in all quite please with my progress and also pleased to say I think I spotted my creative mojo hiding behind my paint brushes last night.

Stay safe, stay well,

Until next time,

Bekki x


Belated Sunday Sevens 2020 #15

Each week Sunday Sevens becomes a bit more of a challenge to find new pics I’ve never shown you before when I’m constantly living in the same 3 mile (or so) radius.   Here’s what I found this week…

Pretty eggs from a local farm…


The ancient spring…


A bluebell path…



The castle – did I ever tell you we had a castle? We don’t actually, it was a jail, but it’s always referred to as called a castle – presumably to please the tourists.



My wooden spoons are taking a bit of  with all the Thursday night pan banging…



These cuties appeared over our hedge – or rather on the other side of our Devon bank. They are gorgeous, but in truth they just made me feel sad. They were slightly curious but also looked scared – so young to be taken from their mums and how long before they end up on someone’s dinner plate? 😦


And finally, because that’s only six photos, a random picture of Harry with his lion…


Stay well. Stay safe.

Until next time,

Bekki xx


Monday Sevens

Welcome to a belated Sunday Sevens – at least I think it’s belated and I think it’s Lock Down Week 5. But who knows?

This week I decided it was going to stay warm enough at night for the pots to come out  onto the patio…


With all the warm weather lots of flowers are coming into bloom. I’m particularly loving this phlox that I rescued from the rockery a few years ago, almost dead from rabbit attacks…


This week Lovely Husband has been busy digging the stones out of some old hard standing…


With the weather being so hot, garden I’ve added a diversion to our morning walk so that Harry can a have drink from a small stream – I just love this tiny clapper bridge that passes over it…


The sheep are clearly feeling the heat – who’d want to wear woolly coat when the weather’s so hot?


Whilst the sheep have been sheltering, the sun has brought out the dragon flies…

Dragon Fly00

Out and about I was also pleased to find a pile of wood for the taking – LH had used his last scraps on the Scrap Happy Greenhouse, so we helped ourselves to some of of it…


And for my last photo, anyone up for a game of Where’s Harry?


Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Progress on this year’s goals

It occurred to me the other day that for months now I’ve been completely ignoring the goal list of I wrote at the beginning of the year. Looking back I discovered  I decided to pursue creative ‘explorations’ as well as plans and goals.

Explorations are basically following my heart during my creative time and seeing what evolves and, apart from my mojo going AWOl, so far so good.

Plans and Goals

Whilst not always completely fitting the criteria to be goals, most of my creative plans at least had time frames attached. Here’s what I planned for this year that I’ve already achieved or have started working on…

  • Take part in Scrap Happy every month – so far so good.
  • Use scraps or materials from my stash, rather than new, as much as possible this year – I haven’t bought anything new, so I must be.
  • Make a birthday present for a friend whose birthday was Jan 11th.


  • Make the cork picture I’ve save over 100 corks for.


  • Finish renovating our blanket box.
  • Dig out any UFOs and finish them before the end of the year – no photos, but I have. Maybe I should fess up to those next week.

What I haven’t achieve/started working on…

  1. Design a Christmas cardigan.
  2. Make some birthday cards by the end of January.
  3. Make secret advent present before 1st December.
  4. Make a Christmas table runner – well before Christmas.
  5. Make some Christmas table mats – well before Christmas.
  6. Make Christmas crackers – before Christmas.
  7. Santa Cowl – before Christmas

Apart from my birthday card goal – that I missed achieving – everything else is Christmas linked. The idea of these goals was to get a head start on Christmas early in the year. But right now, with the sun shinning, I’m not in the least bit inclined to work on any of them. I wonder how close to Christmas I’ll be, before I start to work on any of them?

If you set them, how are your goals going this year? And have you done anything towards Christmas during 2020?

Until next time,

Bekki x

How’s Your Mojo?

I know I’m not the only one who’s creative mojo went walk about at the start of lock down. I think for me it was mostly about four things:

  1. Getting my brain around the whole situation
  2. Loss of routine.
  3. Having someone else in the house near 24/7 – it’s great him being here, but I like silence and my own space to create in.
  4. The good weather calling me into the garden.


At the start I was quite happy to take my scattered thinking outside – I knew I need to get my head straighter and there were outside jobs that certainly needed doing. However after a couple of weeks or so of not touching my paint brushes, I was feeling all those fearful beginner thoughts again.  Time, I thought to make myself paint. Paint anything, however bad.

So I did…

I started with this, just to move my paint brush – they’re supposed to be tulips  – inspired by the  bunch of  tulips Lovely Eldest sent me for mother’s day.


Another exercise just to get my paint brush moving

A whole picture!

I wasn’t at all happy with the results – even though I’m very much a watercolour newbie.

I knew the way to get through this was just to keep going, to try and build a routine, but easier said than done with hubby on reduced hours and the days he works changing every week.

I stuttered on, trying to find inspiration, but even when I did I struggled to put my heart into it.

Even the bees I painted, because I was so excited when I found out my friend Ali is a contestant in the Great British Sewing Bee this year.

I soon found myself going days and days without painting again. So today I made a promise to myself. I would paint every day and blog each week about what I’ve painted. However good, however bad, however uninspired.  And that’s it really.

How’s your creative mojo doing?

Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Sunday Sevens 2020 #13

Lock down is certainly making me appreciate nature’s magic. Outside my gate a beautiful patch of wild garlic is smelling divine…

Flowers have started blooming on the plants in my strawberry jar


…and my potatoes are peaking through the earth…


Indoors LH is still working some days. I’m not saying he looses focus, but he has taken to  spotting stray ticks on Harry and naming them…



This week we also celebrated Lovely Husband’s Birthday. Birthdays in our house are often celebrated with garden Olympics, but due to a lack of contestants and inclement weather, the programme was shortened to a single game of boules…

I was the runner up: 19-21

and the introduction of a new indoor event…

I was the runner up – didn’t bother to count points

In the evening the girls surprised their Dad with a Zoom visit. Several games were planned, but we were so giddy we only made it through the pub quiz…


And finally, a super easy Where’s Harry…


Hope your week has gone well.

Stay well, stay safe.

Until next time,

Bekki x

A Quarter of the Way There

I’m still spending most of my evenings in front of the telly working on my cross stitch, so I thought I’d post an update on it. Slow going with it being so fine. It’s taken me a good week  to stitch just the hat…


I think I’m about a quarter of the way there. Given I started this in 2013, that means I’m potentially on a finish date of some when in 2041!


Stay safe, stay well.

Until next time,

Bekki x