2017 in Photos

2017 has been a bitter sweet year where I pretty much battened down the hatches and did my utmost to do the best I could for my beautiful friend Mr Hicks as he became increasingly  in need of support and understanding.  But as I’ve looked back through this year’s photos, I’ve been reminded how much easier that job was made by all the fabulous people I have in my life… Continue reading “2017 in Photos”

Knitting Round-Up 2017

I’ve just been looking back through the knitting projects. In total I’ve knitted two sweaters – one is missing from the pics – one cardigan, two shawls, one curl, one shawlette, about a dozen Santa sacks, an egg cosy, a mini sweater, twelve Christmas puddings, four hats, four pairs of socks, two houses, a pair of mitts, seven hearts, four small sheep, one small hedgehog, one large hedgehog, a mouse and and a bowl of cacti. Most of these are in the pics below. Continue reading “Knitting Round-Up 2017”

Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted by me

This is the third year I’ve taken part in the #stitchingsanta organised by Shelia at Sewchet. In the previous two years, I’ve enjoyed blogging about my progress on the gifts I’ve been making. However this year I haven’t been able to blog (much), because my recipient was none other that the lovely Shelia herself. No pressure there then!


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Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted to me

This is the third year I’ve taken part in the #stitchingsanta organised by Shelia at Sewchet. Each year it’s been one of the highlights of my Christmas.  This year was no exception, and when a jiffy bag arrived in the post full of beautifully wrapped parcels, I got very very excited.


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