The Curtain Rail Mystery

Several weeks ago I asked the question, can anyone offer an explanation why the curtain at the physiotherapist is hung like this?


Having unavoidably cancelled my next physio appoint a couple of times, I finally went back a couple of weeks ago and plucked up the courage to ask. I’m afraid its a very dull answer…

Apparently it’s a bit of an optical illusion: the room has a flat roof that slopes, downward, so the rail is parallel with the floor. Presumably the window is therefore parallel with the roof. Although it looked like it was parallel with the floor to me!

Anyway, if you were wondering – and you probably weren’t – that’s the answer.

Until next time,



The Elephants in the Room.

When we moved into our house six years ago our old lounge suite was both exhausted and the wrong shape to fit our new lounge. The chairs went to chair heaven and the settee to the kitchen for HRH…


However the footstool still had plenty of life in it – clearly we don’t have very heavy feet. It also fitted nicely into a corner of our new lounge – well, apart from the colour.


I planned to make a cover, but you know how it goes… Six years later the red footstool was still sitting in the corner and we’d been ignoring the colour clash for years.  Then Harry arrived rather suddenly and boring plain throws were immediately cast over my beautiful Laura Ashley settees.


As I began to plot and scheme how to improve the look of the throw covered settees, my thoughts turned to the foot stall and, when I discovered some elephant Clarke and Clarke fabric, a plan emerged.


Making a footstool cover from this fabric would leave me with an unused long thin strip of fabric – not very economical. But if cut the strip into near squares four elephants long by three wide I could made a fake patchwork quilt with them for one of my very bland looking settees.

So that’s what I did: I made a simple footstool cover….


…and a rather less simple quilt….


….which incidentally won second prize at the produce show


until next time.

Bekki x


Sunday Sevens 2019 #9

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens, a post where I share seven or so pictures of my week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist heading for the beach, even though we were only at the seaside the day before. This time we went to Rock, where the tide was incredibly low…


We walked across the beaches to the Cracking Crab at Polzeth. The view from our table was beautiful…


Lunch was totally yummy…


Monday and Tuesday were the usual mix of work and walkies. Harry and his chums were, as usual, far to busy to actually pose for photos…


When Harry came to live with us he was scared of getting in the car, whined when he was in it and was occasionally car sick.  Since then he’s come on in leaps and bounds, but hadn’t been on any journeys of more than an hour. On Wednesday when we travelled 4 hours up country to visit the in laws we therefore decided to stop after a couple of hours at a Wildlife Trust site to have lunch and a good walk. Unfortunately dogs weren’t allowed in the cafe and it freezing outside.


Harry was absolutely brilliant on both legs of the journey.

Once at the in laws we had some lovely walks to take him on…


Lovely Husband was especially excited when we found a walk that circles the quarry…


While away we also visit both our great niece and our great nephew – unfortunately I forgot to take any pics of our great niece, but here’s LH playing with our great nephew…


On Saturday we met up with friends for a walk, who stopped half way to show us their dancing skills…

All in all a very lovely week.

Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time,

Bekki x

A Small Ta Da!


Hope you’re having a great week. I’m just dropping by to show you a small finish; a very small sweater our new great nephew due in June.


I’m still not sure about the break in the dark blue part of the pattern at the top caused by using self patterning yarn to cheat and have an easy knit. But I’ve got a few months to decide if I’m going to do anything about it. Although I am thinking it definitely looks better now it has sleeves.

Until next time,

Bekki x


Scrap Happy – Golden Retriever Size Dog Bandana

This month I thought I’d join in with Scrap Happy, because I’ve been using up scraps.

I’ve several scraps left over from lining project bags. I’ve also recently acquired a golden retriever. Put them together and the result is obvious…

Okay, not quite obvious, a little hidden under his fluffy mane.

The bandanas I’ve made are reversible, measure approximately 25cm (9.5″) wide by 17cm (6.75″) long, and fit on the dog’s collar to reduce the possibility of them hanging themselves on it.

I started by making a suitable sized template from a cereal packet.


If you fancy making one, the suitable size for a golden retriever/Labrador/setter size dog is:

  • Top straight edge: 27cm (10.5″)
  • Straight part of side at top*: 6cm (2.5″)
  • Top to point at bottom: 20cm (8″)

*The bandana fits a collar that is 4cm (1.5″) wide – increase this measurement if your dog has a wider collar.

I cut two pieces of fabric for each bandana. For each piece I pressed the straight part of both straight sides over by half an inch – wrong sides together – and sewed them down with two rows of stitching…


I then pinned the two pieces together, right sides facing…


I sewed half inch away from the edge across the top…


….and half inch away from the diagonal edge of both sides, leaving the straight part at the top of the sides unsewn…

20190216_153740xx I turned the bandana out the right way and pressed it….

One side

… and trimmed off any loose threads

The other side

I then made several more…

One side
The other side

All I then needed to do was ask Harry to choose which one to wear and which side he wanted showing. I then threaded it on his collar. Et voila! A dog in a bandana…

He’s not unhappy, just concentrating on the biscuit on top of my head.

Joining in this month with Kate & Gun’s monthly Scraphappy Day where you too can use your scraps of fabric, yarn, paper, wood, anything to make something useful or lovely or both and show it off to the world.  You don’t have to join in every month, only when you have something to show.  Details and a list of other participants’ scrappy endeavours over on Kate’s blog.

Until next time,


Sunday Sevens – 4th February

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

A marginally dryer week this week, where we manged a few good walks without getting wet. Last Sunday we went to Abbeyford woods. I used to walk Hicks there every weekday when he was younger and hadn’t been back since I lost him. Hadn’t bargained on how emotional an experience it would be.



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Great British Bird Watch 2018

I love watching the birds in my garden, so decided this year to take part in the Great British Bird Watch, which took place over the weekend and today. The idea is to watch the garden for an hour and note down the maximum number of each species you see together at any one time. I’ve really enjoyed seeing and hearing about which birds other people have seen, so thought I’d share my tally from Sunday morning: Continue reading “Great British Bird Watch 2018”