Sunday Sevens (almost)

This week has been a not very interesting week, but managed to scrape together a few photos of my week beyond the blog…

Last Sunday as we so often do, we went to the beach. It was quite warm but overcast. Harry, of course had a great time. He found lots of other dogs to play with, but here’s a pic of him just on his own…


On Tuesday I had great time playing hide and seek with Harry amongst the gorse bushes on Fernworthy Moor…


Wednesday, of course is pub quiz. We lost as usual, but this week our team was just me and my lovely next door neighbour and we scored two more points than one team who had a eight! So not too shabby. No pic, but the question with the most ridiculous answer was:

Last month Armando sold for one and a half million, the highest ever paid for one of these. What is Armando?

Answer at the end of the post.

This year’s lambs have been arriving for a while now, but our next door neighbours don’t lamb until late, so this was the first week they appeared in the field we can see from our house…


The weather has been chilly but dry and bright for most of the week.  It’s amazing how quickly things start to dry out. This was particularly noticeable on the stepping stones at Fatherford…


Last week I told you how pleased I was to see two baby bunnies appear in our garden after months of seeing no rabbits at all. Sadly I found one of the babies dead on the lawn on Wednesday morning, but pleased to see three more appear on Saturday…


And yes, that is only five pics, but it really hasn’t been a very interesting week.

Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Answer to quiz question: Armando is a pigeon.



Sunday Sevens 2019 #10

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens, a post where I share seven or so photographs of my week beyond the blog.

Here in the UK last Sunday was Mothers Day. Lovely Eldest sent me card and some lovely smelling candles….


Lovely Littlest sent me a Golden Retriever pic…


And Harry gave me a card…


and a pair of pink Timberland boots…


We were away from home last Sunday and came home in the evening to find spring had burst into bloom in our garden…

So it was a bit of a shock on Wednesday when we woke up to an inch of snow….



The snow quickly melted and was replaced by baby bunnies…


Thursday evening was book group. The book we read this week month was The Girl in the Red Coat. Hopefully I’ll manage a review post next week.


This week we took part in both the pub quiz on Wednesday and a quiz at the golf club on Friday…


Most disturbing question of these week was,

Whose effigy was stuffed with live cats so that it squealed when it was burnt?

If you want to play along the answer is at the end of this post.

Saturday I had a stall at produce morning.


Something rather lovely happened there. Last year a friend passed away who was a big part of our village and much loved by everyone. Her daughter has made an amazing effort to make sure her possessions have gone to people who will use and love them. On Saturday she took a stall at the produce market to give away the small amount that is still homeless.  Now ever since I bought my bernina I’ve hated the cheap and nasty accessory box that came with it. It can barely stand up on it’s own and one of the doors broke almost immediately I got it


Since I started quilting my quilt I’ve been promising myself I’m going to make a hexi box for my bernina accessories once the quilt is finished. So on Saturday when I saw one that used to belong to my friend on her daughter’s stall it felt as if my friend had heard me and had put it there for me…


I’ve popped my sewing machine feet and needles from the bernina box in it and the bernina box has gone in the bin.

I now need to find a small box to replace the small Tupperware box in the middle.

A hexibox might not be the usual place to keep your sewing machine accessories, but it’s perfect for me and so lovely that it found it’s way to me. It will also remind me of my lovely friend every time I sew and also that those who’ve moved on are out there there somewhere listening to even our simplest thoughts and wishes.

Hope you’ve had a great week,

Bekki x

Quiz question answer: Guy Fawks

Sunday Sevens 2019 #9

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens, a post where I share seven or so pictures of my week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist heading for the beach, even though we were only at the seaside the day before. This time we went to Rock, where the tide was incredibly low…


We walked across the beaches to the Cracking Crab at Polzeth. The view from our table was beautiful…


Lunch was totally yummy…


Monday and Tuesday were the usual mix of work and walkies. Harry and his chums were, as usual, far to busy to actually pose for photos…


When Harry came to live with us he was scared of getting in the car, whined when he was in it and was occasionally car sick.  Since then he’s come on in leaps and bounds, but hadn’t been on any journeys of more than an hour. On Wednesday when we travelled 4 hours up country to visit the in laws we therefore decided to stop after a couple of hours at a Wildlife Trust site to have lunch and a good walk. Unfortunately dogs weren’t allowed in the cafe and it freezing outside.


Harry was absolutely brilliant on both legs of the journey.

Once at the in laws we had some lovely walks to take him on…


Lovely Husband was especially excited when we found a walk that circles the quarry…


While away we also visit both our great niece and our great nephew – unfortunately I forgot to take any pics of our great niece, but here’s LH playing with our great nephew…


On Saturday we met up with friends for a walk, who stopped half way to show us their dancing skills…

All in all a very lovely week.

Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Sunday Sevens 2019 #8

Hello. Welcome to my Sunday Sevens.

My Sunday Sevens is usually about what I’ve been up to in my little corner of Devon, but this week, like many, I’ve been in awe of the dignified and loving and response of the New Zealanders to the Christchurch shootings. So I’d like to start by sending my love to all and a wish that this rising positivity ultimately builds something far better in our world. If you have a minute you might like to read my beautiful  friend Pauline King’s post about her country’s ‘Black Friday’ which reduced me to tears.

Back to my more personal week,  it stared off last Sunday with a trip to Rock and a walk along the beach…


…then through the sand dunes and along the cliff…


… to Daymer Bay, where we were wowed by the skills of the kite surfers…


I spent Monday with only half a head in work as Lovely Eldest lives in Utrecht and her office is only just round the corner from the terrorist shooting on a tram that left three people dead and several injured. I knew she was okay, but they were on lock down all day as police searched for the gunman.  Here’s Harry under my desk keeping me company…



On Tuesday Harry’s chum Baxter come to stay for the day. We took them for a walk along the river at Fatherford…


…then we sneaked into the station for brunch, only to discover the chef wasn’t working. Lovely Husband had to make do with a slice of cake…


Back home Harry and Baxter helped me in the garden…


While out dog walking on Thursday my friend and I saw this amazing cobweb full of baby spiders…


As we walked on we were amazed to see it extended for about 200 yards all the way down the fence posts and onto several gorse bushes…


Saturday we had a lovely trip to Exmouth for a meetup of the Devon and Cornwall Golden Retrievers group. First we headed to a pub for lunch…

… then we walked along the beach to meet up with about 30 goldies and their owners…



Walking back along the beach to the car Harry actually stood still long enough to posed for a picture…

Cropped Harryooo

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x


Sunday Sevens 2019 #7

It’s been another very wet and windy week. Fortunately last Sunday was dry enough in the morning to go for a walk with our friends who were visiting from up north and have brunch on the platform at Okehampton station.


After they’d gone home Harry watched Crufts on catch up…


Of course he wasn’t too impressed with the winner.

About two weeks after Harry arrived my walking boots gained a hole in them. I’ve been searching for a pair that fit me ever since. On Monday I went out in search again.  I couldn’t find any boots, but I did buy a pair of walking trousers, some wellie boot socks and two beds for Harry – all in the sale.


Tuesday was the wettest walk of a very wet week. Too wet to stop and take pics, but here’s Harry when we got back…


Wednesday we lost the pub quiz as usual. This week’s question that really bugged us was…

Whose catch phrase is ‘You’re having a laugh’ and what programme is it on? We knew we’d heard it, but couldn’t place it. Answer at the end, if you’re playing along.

It’s been so wet this week, Lovely Husband has been practising his golf indoors…


As for me, I’ve been doing a bit of DYC work…


I also discovered the mouse I told you about before has been nibbling one of my UFOs…


This one didn’t even make it to my Frog or Finish Nine for 2019, so not too disappointed it’s turned into a compulsory frog. (To be honest it’s a bit of a relief.)

Out and about between downpours, I took Harry to meet my friend’s goats to see how he’d react to smaller livestock. Although initially cautious of the bigger goats, he wanted to chase the smaller ones when they ran. So he needs more work there and definitely still on the lead when sheep are nearby.


After a wet miserable week things seemed to be picking up yesterday. Finally a dry walk in the morning…


…. and boots that fit me arrived in the post.

I really want to support bricks and mortar local shops, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

But the wind and rain were back by the afternoon. Took this photo on our second walk of the water pouring through the gorge as it ran down into the Devil’s Cauldron…



Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,


Answer to question: Ricky Gervais on Extras – no wonder I didn’t know it, I can’t bear Ricky Gervais, but LH does sneak it on, so I guess that’s why I’d heard it. Needless to say LH wasn’t at the quiz or we’d have got the answer.

Sunday Sevens 2019 #6

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was created by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

This last week began with storm Freya. Winds were supposed to be worst in the South West, but we didn’t see anything special here. Despite the lack of a storm, it was very wet, so apart from dog walks we stayed in and did a few jobs. Two of them were on that list of things we meant to do when we moved in six years ago. One was hang these by the stairs…


The second was to put a lampshade on the naked light bulb in my office…

I bought this in a table top sale last Saturday.

Monday, as I’ve already mentioned in my quilt catch up, my lovely friend came round and help me sandwich my quilt…


Tuesday was spent having a lovely sunny walk with Harry and quilting in the ditch. If only Harry loved dirty ditches like Hicks did, I could have squeezed some terrible ditch in pun here, but you’ll just have to have a picture of a clean Harry instead…


Wednesday we lost the pub quiz as usual. The question we couldn’t get and really bugged us until we knew the answer was…

What was the name of Valarie Singleton’s cat on Blue Peter?

Answer at the end of this post if you want to play along.

Thursday I bought some yarn to knit a sweater for the new great nephew we’re expecting in June…


Thursday was also book group. We discussed the classic feminist novel, The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. Only two of us finished this book: 700 pages long with minuscule text, most of us hated it and lost the will to live while reading it. One of us who finished loved it, the other hated it and said they didn’t feel the author was a feminist at all!

41zMRrlh8hL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

While I was out at book group, Harry and Lovely Husband stayed in and watched Crufts…


Nothing of note to tell about Friday, but on Saturday some of our lovely friends from up north came to stay for the weekend, which was a good excuse for a spot of garden Olympics…

Long Distance Darts

…and a meal out at our local…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,


Ans to quiz question: Jason





Sunday Sevens 2019 #5

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Last Sunday we had a walk along the river Okement…


Followed by Harry’s first trip to Okehampton station cafe, where we had brunch…

As we walked back through the park to the car, we saw a beautiful carpet of crocuses…

20190224_120521 - Copy

The sunny weather had also brought out the frogs…


This week our weather vein started squeaking, so Lovely Husband braved it up onto the roof, but not before putting a sheet on the ground to stop the oil dripping on the patio for Harry to lie on. 



Harry helped out again in the garden…


Sadly the sunny weather disappeared on Thursday, so I gave the pantry it’s annual tidy…


Rain or shine we had lots of lovely dog walks, but hard to get young dogs to stay still for photos. Just about managed to grab a shot of Harry and a bit of his two English setter pals.


I was actually trying (but failed) to get a good shot of a muddy Harry – this is the first time in his seven weeks with us that he’s got properly muddy. These were the best I could manage…


But while Harry wouldn’t stay still, his friend Baxter was happy to pose with a small stick.


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki x