Sunday Sevens 2019 #5

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Last Sunday we had a walk along the river Okement…


Followed by Harry’s first trip to Okehampton station cafe, where we had brunch…

As we walked back through the park to the car, we saw a beautiful carpet of crocuses…

20190224_120521 - Copy

The sunny weather had also brought out the frogs…


This week our weather vein started squeaking, so Lovely Husband braved it up onto the roof, but not before putting a sheet on the ground to stop the oil dripping on the patio for Harry to lie on. 



Harry helped out again in the garden…


Sadly the sunny weather disappeared on Thursday, so I gave the pantry it’s annual tidy…


Rain or shine we had lots of lovely dog walks, but hard to get young dogs to stay still for photos. Just about managed to grab a shot of Harry and a bit of his two English setter pals.


I was actually trying (but failed) to get a good shot of a muddy Harry – this is the first time in his seven weeks with us that he’s got properly muddy. These were the best I could manage…


But while Harry wouldn’t stay still, his friend Baxter was happy to pose with a small stick.


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki x


Sunday Sevens 2019 #4

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Last Sunday we went to the Cornwall and Devon Golden Retrievers annual Valentines meet up. 168 golden retrievers on a beach and not a single cross word between them!

We dropped into a pub on the way home for fish and chips – well we were at the seaside.20190214_130559

Back at home Harry’s been having lots of walks with his non retriever friends. I keep forgetting to take pics, but I did remember to take one of him with his friend Nell.


Harry’s also been helping me in the garden…

…where a few more plants are attempting to flower, but still very little to see.

Next door the sheep have been entertaining us as they play king of the castle on their hay bale.



The weather’s been spring-like all week, but on Saturday it was warm enough for breakfast in garden.


After breakfast we went for walk along the banks of the river Taw from Sticklepath to Belstone.



We had a walk around the village at Belstone…


… where I spotted this pretty thermometer…


…and this rather unusual inhabitant…


When we walked back to Sticklepath I spotted this camellia a in full bloom – clearly they’ve had warmer weather when you compare it to the picture of mine above…


Our walk ended at the Taw River Inn were I had fish cakes, chips and proper peas…


Hope you’ve had a great week. Until next time,

Bekki x



Sunday Sevens 2019 #3

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Spring really seems to have arrived this week, with primroses and snowdrops bursting into bloom.

The weather turned so warm and sunny on Wednesday I put my washing out for the first time this year…


Away from the garden, I attempted to get on with my quilt, but found I had just a little too much help…


Most of this week I was distracted by a visit from Lovely Littlest, who met her new little brother for the first time…

Sorry about the quality, neither of them would stay still.

With such lovely weather and Lovely Littlest here, we just had to go for a visit to the beach…

Harry 3 Mawgan Porth20190214_115815Mawgan Porth Cliffs

And you can’t visit the beach without having fish and chips…


Yes, I know, that’s twice in two weeks! I would also draw your attention to the green mass of mushy peas on my plate – I absolutely hate mushy peas! Why oh why does anyone like mushy peas? – I assume someone does.

Other notable events this week were a trip to the hairdressers to have my highlights refreshed…


And receiving a lovely bunch of flowers from a friend…


And just in case you haven’t had enough pictures of Harry, here’s one of his rather odd choices of where to sleep…


Hope you’ve had a great week. Until next time,

Bekki x



Sunday Sevens 2019 #2

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Our cold spell continued from last week into Sunday with and overnight temperature of -9.4 degrees…


… and a lovely snowy walk in the morning…


Monday the temperature rose so quickly it was warm enough for a spot of gardening…


Lovely Husband had gone away to visit his parents and on Tuesday he send me a guest entry Sunday Sevens photo from a garden he spotted on his travels…

Topiary Hedge

Meanwhile at home I washed the play mobile that had a got a bit sticky from little people playing with it. Found this rather disconcerting person – suspect one of my lovely daughters equipped her when they were here and found it waiting for a wash in the utility…



With hubby back home on Wednesday, Harry took us both for a lovely sunny walk…


Wednesday afternoon Harry had his first trip to our vet (for his annual vaccination). As some of you know Mr Hicks was a frequent visitor to the vets, so it was quite an emotional afternoon, but lovely to be welcomed back like royalty by all the wonderful staff that work there.


Thursday we took Harry for a (very wet) walk at Meldon reservoir – another walk we haven’t done for ages…


No pub quiz this week, but we did go to the golf club for their annual quiz on Friday evening…

Okehampton Gold club

On Saturday we had our first visit to the beach with Harry…


Followed by a trip to the beach-side restaurant for fish and chips…



Hope you had a good week.

Bekki x



Sunday Sevens 2019 #1

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven or so photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Since we’ve had Harry, we’ve started to re-explore the old dog walks we used to do when Mr Hicks was young and spritely.  Last Sunday we walked along the river at Fatherford – haven’t been here for several years…

Lots of lovely trees to play hide and seek behind.

After our walk I managed to fit in a little patchwork…


Unfortunately our afternoon walk on Monday was disaster. While walking with a friend who has a young and incredibly excitable dog, her dog took her feet from under her and she broke her ankle. No pic to show you – well it would have been mean to start taking pictures.

Tuesday evening a friend’s daughter came round for me to turn up her ball gown.

It was so lovely – I really should have taken a pic of her in it! Doh!

On Wednesday we had the first snow of the winter. Not a lot, but enough to stop the school buses running and for my friend’s boys to bring their sledges on a dog walk.


With the weather turning colder, I made some soup to warm our cockles…

Roasted butternut squash and garlic ready to be liquidised.

Thursday we had more snow – most of which was unpredicted and fell just as it was getting dark and people were travelling home from work. (I would have said ‘rush hour’ but if you’ve ever been to West Devon you’d just laugh.) Lots of people in the South West were stuck in their cars overnight. Fortunately we were tucked up safely at home and on Friday we  had a lovely snowy dog walk on the moor…



In the evening we walked to the pub, only to remember half an hour later that I’d forgotten to move the casserole to the bottom of the aga. Fortunately my lovely next door neighbour had come in her car, so gave me an emergency lift back home. I caught it just as it was about to completely dry out and start to burn. Here’s my share rejuvenated just before we ate it…


On Saturday we rounded the week off with more snowy dog walks…


So that was my week; sewing, cooking, looking after an animal and not going to the ball. Just call me Cinderella.

Hope you’ve had a great great week.

Bekki x

Sunday Sevens – 1st April

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was a complete contrast to the snowy Sunday before. The sun shone and I got out in the garden to work on a much neglected patch of weeds flower bed.

Still a bit go.

It was good to see the daffodils that had bloomed before it snowed had survived the blizzard…


The primroses were still happy too…


… and, it was so nice on Sunday, we had our lunch in the garden…


Monday wasn’t such a good day, not just because it was raining, but because the accelerator pedal in my car fell apart. It seemed an unusual thing to happen – has anyone else ever had this?  I can only think hubby has extra heavy feet.

My new accelerator pedal

Tuesday was cloudy, but dry. With the weather forecast to be wet for the rest of the week, we made the most of it and took a trip to Mawgan Porth beach…


… followed by lunch at the Catch cafe…


On Wednesday we had the best sort of house guest when Fergus, from next door, came to stay for most of the day, while his owner was having an operation.


We really are on a roll with the pub quiz this year. We won again on Wednesday. That’s four times this year!


On Saturday we visited the Easter art exhibition in our village hall. Almost all the exhibitors live in the village – it’s amazing to have so many talented people in such a small community. If you’re local, it’s on until Monday, so go take a look! There really is some wonderful work.


This week I also finished reading The Help. I’d had it by my bedside meaning to read it for years, when some of you guys prompted me to get it out and get started. Thank you very much to those of you who did. I loved it! Great characters, great humour and not a single paragraph that didn’t keep my attention. If I have got a criticism, it’s that the end/consequences feel too rose tinted and not realistic – but I’m not complaining, I love a happy ending.


Hope you’ve had a great week!

Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday Sevens – 25th March

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

The week started with us waking to a smattering of snow on Sunday.


The snow and wind built up through the morning and by 3 o’clock it was blowing a blizzard.


Even the windows became covered with snow.

The A road above the village became blocked and by bedtime we learned the A30, ten minutes above us, was closed and full of drivers spending the night in their cars or at a local school hall. By morning there was lots of snow.

So another snow day, but we did leave the house for a walk and lovely husband made some bread.


I also popped round to friend’s house and discovered she’d knitted a clanger. Isn’t it cute?


On Monday, a friend’s dog had escaped the house and vanished. She was still missing on Wednesday, so, now able to leave our village, I spent the day helping put up posters…


On Thursday Lovely Husband part cycled part climbed over snow to reach Okehampton Station.

Enter a caption

Percy the station cat was so fast asleep, he wouldn’t even open his eyes for a photo…


While lovely husband had a huge breakfast, I had a calorie free cup of fruit tea.


On the way home hubby made a snow angel…


On Saturday we headed up country for a flying visit to Lovely Littlest, so time for some car knitting…


On the way home, we dropped into the American diner on the A303. I was a very good girl and chose a salad…


But the best part of the week was on Saturday morning when I received a text telling me Poppy was home. She had turned up on her owner’s doorstep about 11pm, covered in goodness knows what and stinking of badgers. The vet gave her the once over and declared her perfectly well. And, after her 108 hour adventure, all Poppy wanted to do was sleep.



Hope you’ve had a great week.