Progress on my goals for 2018

Bet I’m not the only one saying ‘Wow! That month went quick!’ And since January’s come to an end, it’s time for me to review my progress on this year’s goals. Here’s how I’ve done…

Make a gift a least once a month on average

I made two gifts last month, one a two dog crochet hook/pencil case..

Dachshund Dog Crochet Hook Case - Pencil Case

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Bekki 1: UFOs 9

At the beginning of each year I always vow to get on top of my UFOs. Last year I did pretty well. In fact I thought I’d banished them all quite early in the year and stayed that way until the Autumn when the UFO count began to grow again. However, when I took stock of my UFOs at the being of this year, I discovered that I’d forgotten to count my sewing UFOs last year. Still that was fine. My problem with UFOs is their nagging draining my energy. If I don’t know I’ve got them then I’m happy for them to stay unfinished.

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A new craft goal – and it’s not knitting

Several years ago LH was going to the market one Sunday morning when I asked him to get Mr Hicks a cheap fleece blanket. A couple of hours later he returned with this…


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Tutorial: Made to measure curtain tiebacks in less than an hour

Hurrah! I finally crossed off the third task on my list of unfinished objects – the tiebacks for my kitchen curtains. Goodness knows why I put it off for so long. They were so quick and easy to make. For anyone who’s interested, here’s my quick and easy method to make tiebacks to fit any size curtains… They took me about 45 minutes per pair.

Laura Ashley Whitby Check Fabric Curtains with Tiebacks


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