An uncreative week

Unusually for me, this week I lost my crafty mojo. There’s a few things I could site as disrupting my energy flow, and I have taken note. But even when you know why, although I believe you can work on it, you can’t necessarily click your creativity switch straight back on. Continue reading “An uncreative week”

Feeling Woolly

Firstly, thank you to everyone who completed my yarn colour survey. Your answers were very helpful and I’ve acted on what I learned from some of them already.

Last week I was also talking about the goals I set for this year that I’m not keeping up with. Since then I’ve been keeping an eye on what I’m doing/not doing to achieve them and come to the conclusion I’m being far too woolly.

No, not this sort of woolly.

Right now a lot of things – not just those goals – that aren’t happening, because I’ve so much to do. Everything’s tumbling around in my head in a big woolly mess and as a result I’m overwhelmed by just the thoughts about how much I need to do. To untangle the threads, I’ve made a Next Step list – listing just the next thing I have to do for everything, prioritising it then getting on with working through the list and not thinking about any of the following steps until I’ve completed the first.

Another place I’m being far too woolly is in designing sweaters.


I’ve now designed two, but not written a pattern for them, because I scribble everything on scraps of paper as I go along. Even when I manage not to lose half the scraps or use a notebook, my writing’s so bad I can’t read half of what I’ve written.

In future I’m not going to allow myself to knit any part of a garment until I’ve typed up my notes on it and printed them out. That way, I’ll also be able to spot typos as I go along, rather than after the pattern is written – which is always harder.

I’m hoping these two things get me a bit more organised, but I’m wondering what else I could do. What do you do to regain focus when you’re feeling woolly?

Bekki Hill

Thirteen Creative Goals for 2016

Last week I wrote about exploring what I had learned last year as a starting point for identifying goals. Having had a good rummage around in the empty space between my ears I’ve come up with a few for 2016. I’ll be using the SMART formula to make sure I have the best chance of succeeding and I’m also making myself accountable for my creative goals by sharing them on my blog.  However, I’m not so vain to think that if I publically commit to knitting a dozen sets of fair isle leg warmers for Mr Hicks, everyone will remember or chase me up on it.

20151011_205200 - Copy

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Procrastination Boot Camp Revisited: Have you started working in your boot camp projects?

In Friday’s post I talked about motivation being created by projects asking small questions, about what we can accomplish as we work through them, and a big question of whether we can create what we set out to achieve. Over the weekend I considered the  list of unfinished projects I drew up for the procrastination boot camp, the challenges they posed and what questions they asked me.

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