Estimating if have enough yarn left to knit another row

I’m sitting here wondering if you’re all already doing this, because it seems so simple, but it’s something I only thought to do the other day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m knitting a curl…


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Tutorial: Circular Cast on that doesn’t leave a hole in the middle

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know that this year I set a goal to learn at least one new thing about knitting each month. Having found the slopped shoulder bind off in my copy of Cast on Bind off last month, I decided to see if there was a better way to make a circular cast on for a flat circle when I decided to make one.

Not something I make often, but when I have, I’ve cast on the right number of stitches, joined the circle as tightly as I could, then sew up the little hole at gets created in the middle. I was therefore delighted to find a a way to cast on for a circle that doesn’t create a hole. So while did it I made a tutorial… Continue reading “Tutorial: Circular Cast on that doesn’t leave a hole in the middle”

YAY! I’m UFO Free!

One of the great things about blogging is that once I’ve promised to do something on my blog, I find it much harder to hide from doing it. I’ve no doubt that if I kept quiet and didn’t mention it again, you guys would forget I ever made the promise, but still making that promise in open forum makes it so much more compelling. After all a promise is a promise. Continue reading “YAY! I’m UFO Free!”

Don’t like Kitchener stitch? Here’s a sock toe without Knitchener stitch

Update 01/02/17 – This post is about knitting a toe that doesn’t use Kitchener Stitch. You can adapt it to the pattern you’re currently using by starting working on it when the foot of your sock is about 2″/5cm less than your desired foot length. If you’ve finished a toe that needs Kitchener stitch and don’t want to frog back 2″/5cm, I don’t have a post to tell you how to that – although you could just cast off and sew it up – but I do have a picture tutorial that might help you with Kitchener stitch here.

Original Post…

In my quest to explore different ways to knit socks, I decided to work a round toe on the socks that I’m knitting for the No Nylon Sock KAL. A round toe is simple to work and involves no Kitchener stitch.


Working a round toe:

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How to rescue a wrongly twisted cable – or one you forgot to twist – without frogging

I confess that while knitting the Secret Sweater  I’ve been in such a hurry on a couple of occasions I’ve managed to twist cables the wrong way. Although it does take a short time to sort out a wrongly twisted – or untwisted – cable, there’s absolutely no need to frog – unless you like frogging. It took me about 20 minutes to sort this one out, which was eight rows down from where I was working.  Here’s how I did it: Continue reading “How to rescue a wrongly twisted cable – or one you forgot to twist – without frogging”

Knitting tips and tricks: Stopping cable stitches slipping from your cable needle

Lately a few people have said to me that they have trouble stopping stitches slipping off their cable needle. Although I know that the ‘slippiness’ of a knitting needle depends on the material it is made from, I’ve never thought about the slippiness of cable needles. Or at least I hadn’t until I travelled up country the other week. Continue reading “Knitting tips and tricks: Stopping cable stitches slipping from your cable needle”

Knitting tips and tricks: Cabling without a cable needle

Last Friday I posted about provisional long tail cast on and my failing (so far) to  become proficient at it. Reading everyone’s comments – thank you again to everyone who commented –  I recognised more and more that it’s only my stubborn streak, that doesn’t like to be beaten, which makes me still  want to master it. This raised the question, Having found (maybe even invented) provisional steeking cast on, why am I wasting my time listening to my stubborn streak?


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