Advice Please

Thank you to everyone who gave me their thoughts on the hat yesterday.  Listening to everyone’s suggestions and advice really helped. Like many of you I liked Porta Patet’s  suggestion of adding beads to the tassels and have decide to have a go at that.

However, when I thought about doing it, I first thought about tying a knot in the bottom of the yarn tassel to secure the beads. Then I thought I could make a double length tassel and loop it back up, so that there was no knot showing.



I liked the idea of having no knot, but I didn’t like the idea of a loop at the bottom. So, I’m afraid, I’m back being demanding again and asking, does anyone have any ideas of how to add the beads in a single strand without a knot at the bottom? Or does anyone have any other ideas about different ways to add the beads?

Thanks again for all your thoughts yesterday, they were really helpful!


Your Opinion Please

Having a bit of a dilemma over a hat I’m knitting as a Christmas gift. I started following a pattern that didn’t work, so ended up frogging and knitting by my own plan, but I did use the i-cord tassel finish on the top from the pattern.20171204_095709


I was planning on trimming the blue tassely bit to half that length. I’d be happy with it like that, but I’m wondering about the recipient. Would they want their hat topped like this? I could remove the tassels and make the i-cord shorter, or longer and tie it in a knot. Or I could pull back the i-cord and do something completely different.

Totally confused, I though I’d ask you marvellous lot what you think. Even if you don’t knit, how would you finish the top of this hat?  And please don’t say with a fluffy pompom – I do NOT like fluffy pompoms!