Creative Goals, Projects and Rules

Some years I work in a much more goal focused manner than others. I have even been known to set no goals at all some years. This year I’ve put a lot of thought into what I want to achieve creatively and otherwise. There’s been a lot of self-coaching behind the scenes, which has resulted in me deciding to do things a bit differently. This year I’m setting: Continue reading “Creative Goals, Projects and Rules”

Progress on my Goals for 2017

Here I am, a week late making my bimonthly check on my progress for this year’s goals. Since things have gone rather astray since August and I’ve barely thought about goals, I almost didn’t review them. But there’s so much to learn from what we do and don’t achieve, I thought I’d do a quick review before I enter the home straight to the end of the year. And I’m glad I did, because progress really hasn’t been as bad as I thought… Continue reading “Progress on my Goals for 2017”

A new craft goal – and it’s not knitting

Several years ago LH was going to the market one Sunday morning when I asked him to get Mr Hicks a cheap fleece blanket. A couple of hours later he returned with this…


“My dog is NOT going to sleep on that!” said I, and I promptly shoved it at the back of a cupboard. Continue reading “A new craft goal – and it’s not knitting”