Progress on my Goals for 2017

Here I am, a week late making my bimonthly check on my progress for this year’s goals. Since things have gone rather astray since August and I’ve barely thought about goals, I almost didn’t review them. But there’s so much to learn from what we do and don’t achieve, I thought I’d do a quick review before I enter the home straight to the end of the year. And I’m glad I did, because progress really hasn’t been as bad as I thought… Continue reading “Progress on my Goals for 2017”

A new craft goal – and it’s not knitting

Several years ago LH was going to the market one Sunday morning when I asked him to get Mr Hicks a cheap fleece blanket. A couple of hours later he returned with this…


“My dog is NOT going to sleep on that!” said I, and I promptly shoved it at the back of a cupboard. Continue reading “A new craft goal – and it’s not knitting”

Personal Creative Goals for 2017

Before the year gets any older, I thought I’d better share my personal creative goals for 2017. I like to blog them because:

  1. Knowing others know about our goals:
    • makes us think harder about them and if we really want to commit to them.
    • makes it harder to sneak out of working them, because none of us want to be thought a failure.
  2. Declaring we’ll do something publicly makes it feel more important and therefore we’re more likely work on it.
  3. Having others on our side can provide us with encouragement when we wobble, praise when we succeed and advice when we get stuck.


Continue reading “Personal Creative Goals for 2017”