FO: Zebra Socks

Okay, so it’s only my handbag knitting and they weren’t exactly complex, but I finished my Zebra socks ūüôā and amazingly they are my first knitting finish of the year!

Zebra Socks

Toasty warm in real wool – just what’s needed in this weather.

Wicked Witch of the East

Just one question: Should I buy myself a pair of red shoes and rename them Wicked Witch of the East?

Thanks for dropping by!

A Happy Accident – Sheep Coasters

Last summer on a whim I decided to wet felt an extra, large extra thick piece felt to make coasters from. I find wet felting fun, but after a while the novelty wears off.¬† Unfortunately my interest didn’t last anywhere near long enough and, with better things to do, I gave up and dried it.


I kidded promised myself I’d finish it another day, but each time I looked at it I knew: Continue reading “A Happy Accident – Sheep Coasters”

Heartfelt Cardigan TA DA!

Many years ago, when I did not have the time to knit a cable cardigan, I bought a cream cable cardigan. I very much loved my cardigan, but over time it grew. As it grew, it moved from being a favourite cardigan to a pull on when it’s chilly cardigan. But still it grew and the cream began to turn a little grey however well it was washed. So it became a throw on when it’s chilly and you’re absolutely sure no one will see you in it cardigan.

I’m looking down because if I move it slips either side of my boobs

I wished and wished my poor cardigan was still new, until one day I realised wishing was going to get me nowhere.  So I picked up my needles. I wanted to knit an near identical cable cardigan in my grey Dartmoor Yarn Company wool, but one that felt a little more feminine. I loved the idea of cabled hearts, but this was the closest I could find in a stitchionary.


But it just wasn’t heart shaped enough and I certainly didn’t want anything as untidy as the way that one pulls at the sides – although I did wonder if that was down to the skill of the knitter who made the sample for the book.

There was nothing for it but take out my graph paper and design my own.

The pink one is my first attempt.

And so I began knitting, until finally…


Please excuse my hair, I’d been out in the rain all morning and I’m due at the hairdressers next week.

Heartfelt Cardigan

I’m very pleased with the finished cardigan, but not so pleased with the size of my hips and bottom. ¬†I did intended it to be slightly looser fit and I did get the measurements right – I just failed to lose the weight I intended. So now my cardigan is finished, I’ve absolutely no excuse not do it justice by getting on with losing those extra inches, which I lost last year then put half of them back on again!

I also now need to get the pattern written up within a month as I promised in the goal I added to my 2017 list last month.

Knitted Valentines Hearts

My lovely next door neighbour is completely to blame for these. She got me thinking about knitted wedding favours and, with Valentine’s day only a few weeks away, I couldn’t resist making some heart kits for the shop.

First I knitted some tiny teeny hearts…


… then added a keyring…


After that I made some bigger hearts.


I just love how hanging a heart on a door knob or a cupboard or drawer make a house seem more homey and loved…

For a wonderful scent, I’ve added a pouch of lavender.

Although it’s still a couple of weeks until Valentines, Love does seem my keyword right now, because I love knitted cream cushions, they go with almost any colour scheme. I also love¬†natural cream wool. And on top of that – as you may have noticed – I love cables. So it was only a matter of time before I designed a cream cable cushion kit…


So that’s where a fair amount of my creative energy and knitting time has gone over the last couple of weeks. Hope you like them.

Bekki x

Frost Flower Lace Shawl and Avoiding the UFO Pile

I started knitting the Frost Flower Lace Shawl just over a month ago.

Frost Flower Lace Scarf and Pattern

Almost as soon as I began, our parish magazine dropped through my door with the programme and entry form for the village produce show. As I flicked through I saw class H13

Continue reading “Frost Flower Lace Shawl and Avoiding the UFO Pile”

My final holiday reveal

You may remember my ill thought through plan to knit a pair of socks in a weekend. You may remember¬†that when my plan failed didn’t succeed, I assigned it to being my handbag knitting. Not having had many occasions to pull it out of my handbag meant that by the time¬†I went¬†to Winchester Writer’s Festival¬†last week, I’d still only knitted this much of the second sock…

Second Sock StartBut as Lovely Husband was following on behind with my holiday luggage the day after, it was the perfect project to take on the train.

The journey to Winchester and the car journey to London on the Sunday were just enough to get the leg finished. The journey out of London on the Monday was too twisty to focus on the heel turn, but once we were on the motorway, I pulled out the sock.

Unfortunately I was working from two patterns at once.

Bekki Hill 4 x 4 Challenge Sock Knitting

Both patterns used a round of 64 stitches. Both patterns had a short row heel turn. But the number of stitches inside the decreases was different for each. Had I brought the first sock with me?


Could I remember which heel turn I’d followed?

Could I heck!

Of course a silly little thing like that wasn’t going to stop me. So¬†I guessed.

I guessed wrong.
I guessed wrong. You may also have noticed that there are gaps between the centre stitches on the LH sock but not the RH Рthis is down to me changing the stitch distribution on the needles on the second sock.

The heel turn was complete by the time we reached the hotel near Ross on Wye. The remainder of the sock knitted on our journeys around Herefordshire and on the way home. The toe was sewn up with Kitchener stich once I got home.

Bekki's Socks

Eldest daughter¬†talked me into giving these to her before I even got half way down the first leg, so she’s going to have to tell me how much ifference the two different heels are making.

Bekki sock 2

That’s me now all caught up with sharing my holiday knitting.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Finished Lacy Jumper!

Apologies if I’ve ignored anyone this last week. My¬†rather¬†scattergun approach to blogging has been due to me¬†being¬†away from home since Saturday, when¬†I delivered a talk at the wonderful Winchester Writer’s Festival, caught up with¬†lot of good friends and had the lovely surprise of meeting – for the first time – a lovely client I coached by telephone eleven years ago.¬†I also¬†managed to pick up a copy of The Fintastic Fish-Sitter written by my brilliant friend Mo O’Hara, which shouldn’t be available until the beginning of July.

Fintastic Fish-Sitter Mo O'Hara
If you haven’t seen the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series by Mo, check it out. It’s brilliant! Think Shaun of the Dead meets Finding Nemo. Most of the series is 7+ but The Fintastic Fish-Sitter is a picture book.

Lovely husband picked me up on Sunday Morning and we headed off to spend Father’s¬†Day with Lovely Littlest Daughter in the Big Smoke. We then escaped the city¬†for a¬†short break near¬†Ross on Wye at Glewstone Court Hotel.

A fair amount of knitting took place on the train to Winchester and in the car. However, what I was¬† itching to do was finish sewing up the lacy jumper that I’d started as part of my 4 x 4 challenge and had finished knitting Friday night. I finally managed to do that when we returned Monday afternoon¬†from a 25 mile cycle ride around the Forest of Dean.

Bekki Hill Lacy Jumper

As we were in a hotel, I¬†haven’t had chance to block it yet, but I hope a good battering with the iron¬†will sort out the curly neckline…

Neck rolling on Lacy Jumper
I’m still loving the colour and the yarn – King Cole Bamboo Cotton – is so soft!

And that’s it for now. I finished!

Lacy Jumper Glewstone Court


Bekki Bench Lacy Jumper

Have a great weekend!